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Night of the Living Dead – lost footage found!!

by on Oct.17, 2015, under Other Musings

This is the kinda ‘found footage’ horror story that really gets the blood pumping. George Romero has found the the holy grail of the genre! A 16mm work print of his 68 masterpiece, Night of the Living Dead, including a 9 min. scene previously unreleased.

The scene also includes, apparently, the largest zombie scene in the entire film. Just how do these things go missing??!! The NightoftheLivingDeaddiscovery was made whilst George was rummaging through his personal collection, for additional material for Martin Scorsese with an eye on remastering for a fresh release for what i’d suspect would be the 50th anniversary edition.

I don’t need to mention how amazing this is gonna be, but expect an ultimate release, theatrical, directors, extended and a whole host of extras. Take my money now George!

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Legacy – TV Series

by on Aug.21, 2015, under Other Musings

Here at 365Horror, we thrive on new talent and the exciting projects that might just be the next big, original, horror thing. One such project which has been brought to our attention is Legacy – a UK produced, post apocalyptic drama, set six months after a Z incident, written by the very talented Jay Podmore.
Legacy 02

So, what makes this different from all the other Zombie things filling our screens? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, but from the shows website blurb, it sounds like this could be quite dark and juicy. We’ll let you know more, as and when, as we’ll be watching progress quite closely. I have a good feeling about this, but be sure to follow via Facebook.

Here’s the info:-

Civilization is plunged into darkness, as mankind faces extinction after a world changing, apocalyptic disaster, written by Jay Podmore, UK television series Legacy follows the adverse story of a tightly knit group of survivors, six months after the Earth shattering event.

The deafening silence of a decaying society is slowly twisting the balance of humanity, Isaiah, played by Gabriel Paul, will fight for survival, no matter the cost, whilst leader of the group Ethan, played by Neal Gavyn, is desperately clinging on to the hanging thread of morality, Ethan does everything in his power to protect his people but the group discover that a new evil walks among them and darkness begins to consume all hope. Also starring: Sara Woodruff, James Ledsham, Michael Hawkins, Katie King, Sam Walton and Jason Ricketts. Guest stars include: Niall Hogan, Nick Sheedy and Mikey Chartrey.

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by on Mar.17, 2015, under Other Musings

Zombies are pretty hot at the moment with The Walking Dead pulling in huge viewing figures, and remakes of classics coming at us from all directions: Nightmare City by Lenzi and a prequel to Night of the Living Dead by Cameron Romero.

Zombie GirlsA great resource for all things Zombie, apart from here at 365 that is, is The Zombie Site: Your Zombie Resource Site. The page states it’s a celebration of zombie movies, from the birth of the genre in the 1930s all the way to the present day, modern horror zombie films.

Over the years, Zombie films have been used in a myriad number of ways to turn a mirror on ourselves and explore human fears and anxieties – from providing a backdrop for social commentary, to exposing modern fears of pandemics and diseases, as comedic stories designed to poke fun at ourselves, or simply as plain horror designed to scare you.

So check it out here, and whilst you are at it, check out their sister site here, which is a tribute to Zombie soundtracks and posters.

You might also want to take a look at Z-Month here at 365 for some inspiration on some less popular Z flicks.

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League of 1 – Zombie Art

by on Mar.14, 2013, under Other Musings

There’s nothing I like better than promoting top talent, so when I got a tweet off Bristol (UK) based Artist, Piers Hazell pointing me at his site i was more than impressed with what i found. beautifully gruesome watercolours, zombified cartoon characters, actors and cultural references. These are all really cool, simple in design and perfect in technique with a result which is very striking. Take a look here, and follow his tweets @leagueof_1











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In The Flesh

by on Feb.26, 2013, under Other Musings

New offering from BBC Three… Zombie tale of teens in the UK. Will this be fresh? Original? Entertaining? Time will tell.


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Z month. (March)

by on Jan.10, 2010, under 365 Schedule

OK, here’s the rough schedule for Z month, starting 1st March. It’s a real mixed bag with films, old an new from all parts of the world. I’ve also decided not to have any Romero. I love Romero and know his films inside out, therefore the reason to leave his out is a point more of searching out films i haven’t seen or haven’t seen for a long time.  If you are not familiar with Romero, go and buy everything he’s made now:)

Let me know what you think and also, join in with Z month. If you have trouble finding the films, let me know. and if you think i’ve made any bad choices or if you have any alternative suggestions, get in touch.

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