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Zombie Strippers!

by on Mar.20, 2010, under Daily Review

Don’t write this film off, as although it’s kinda what you’ll be expecting, its far better than you’d think and has much to offer the Z genre. Director Jay Lee truly has a great artistic eye for the camera and shoots with real zest, each shot colourful, crisp and very well framed. The subject matter is pure comic book with over the top characters in a crazy situation.

A chemical lab has an outbreak of zombie virus. A crack military troop are called in to clean up the area. One of the guys ends up bitten and on the turn, finds himself stumbling into an adult entertainment lounge. Taking in some of the sights, it all gets too much for the young soldier and attacks the main star of the show, Kat (Jenna Jameson) who in turn, dies and returns from the dead as a super zombie stripper, to the delight of the punters and the annoyance of the rest of the dancers. Club owner Ian (Robert Englund) sees the dollar signs and it’s not long before he has a whole host of Zombie Strippers and a growing number of shuffling victims mounting up in the basement.

So the plot and style is comic book with the main subject matter a tad risqué, but why not? Zombie Strippers. Basically says what it is on the tin and that’s basically what you get, but there’s more to this crazy outing. The acting is good and fun. Jameson is surprisingly good with plenty of presence, her acting skills seem to grow as her character gets more active and physical in her zombie role. Also, the Zombie Stripper Dance Off is something to be seen, with a stripper pole used as a baseball bat and pool balls fired through the air at great speed, making use of an old party trick.

The music is a thumping metal soundtrack which works real well but what is most surprising is the zombie makeup and gore scenes. This is no low budget affair. Makeup is of a real high standard, Day of the Dead style, with blood and flesh all over the place. One zombie has his tongue ripped out and spends the rest of the film with his jaw hanging off. Brilliant effect. This is a light hearted, fun and crazy film which looks amazing through stunning cinematography and colourful lighting and performances.

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