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Zombie Death House

by on Mar.13, 2010, under Daily Review

I can’t believe the legend, John Saxon actually directed this. He’s worked with some of the finest directors on the planet, Argento and Margheriti, but this is all he has to offer? It’s a difficult film to watch, a drab piece of celluloid with poor acting and a dismal script. All that is missing is Chuck Norris to liven things up and to be honest, that would have been a master stroke, alas, no Norris. Saxon’s performance is good though, as expected.

Premise is, Saxon plays a scientist, experimenting on a serum which transforms people into powerful fighting Zombies. Trying this out in a Prison of all places, things get out of hand which results in a battle between inmates, prison guards and killer zombies. It’s a simple pitch and a simple movie for the simple viewer.

Saxon is great in his role, but he always is. Anthony Franciosa puts in a quality performance too as a mob boss working on the inside, but apart from this, there isn’t much else to say, except, can I have my last 2 hours back please?

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