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Wild Zero

by on Mar.30, 2010, under Daily Review

Rock ‘n Roll is NOT over, baby! Rock ‘n Roll NEVER DIES!

This film is nuts. It’s just crazy, crazy, crazy. I’m not really sure where to begin with this one as it’s just insane. Lets see. Alien invasion, causes meteor show, causing radiation infected humans in Japan to turn into zombie like creatures, craving blood and flesh. Ace, (Masashi Endo) a Rock n Roll fan gets caught up in some dodgy dealings when he accidentally breaks up a gun point showdown between his favourite band and their dangerous, shorts wearing manger, The Captain (Makoto Inamiya). The Captain is out for revenge on Guitar Wolf and his band, whilst Ace heads out into the night only to find romance, although his love interest is a he, dressed as a she. Meanwhile zombies are all over the place, Gun toting chips driving big trucks and exploding heads are order of the day. That’s the basic plot, and I mean basic. There is so much goin’ on here, but it flows so well, with a stunning rock n roll soundtrack. This film is off the rails.

Writer/Director Tetsuro Takeuchi’s one and only movie is a thing of brilliance, striking gold with the first attempt. It’s just a damn shame he’s never followed this up. It’s visually brilliant with some fancy camerawork and snappy editing. Characters are comic book but believable and whilst the plot swings here and there with new characters introduced in what seems like every scene, it works a treat. The Transvestite love romance is a master stroke. Mori (Tawaki Fusamori) is great in this performance, with guys swooning all over her/him until Ace takes the plunge only to get the biggest surprise/shock of his life, despite the building being surrounded by zombies. But it’s Guitar Wolf who steals the show, cool as it gets, even in the final moments of the film, standing high rise, guitar in hand with UFOs over hear, he takes out a craft which a concealed sword from the neck of his guitar. Amazing stuff.

This film is more about Rocky Horror than George A Romero. It’s a thing of chaos and joy. Not to be missed.

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