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Howling II: Stirba – Werewolf Bitch

by on Feb.08, 2010, under Daily Review

Philippe Mora’s film was always going to face criticism after the success of Joe Dante’s first wolf outing, especially on video in the early 80’s, the second hit the shelves with a large promotion campaign and a glossy poster. It follows on where the first left off with Ben, (Reb Brown) the Brother of murdered Anchor girl, Karen White vowing revenge against the werewolves from the first film. Joining a team of wolfhunters, lead by Stefan (Christopher Lee), their search takes them to Eastern Europe, tracking down Queen of the wolves, Stirba (Sybil Danning) and her cult of the wolf.

Everything has changed with this film. Stirba has huge mystical powers of summoning and sorcery. The cult is one of 80’s punk style and rebelious values which I’ve always struggled with in this type of film. (Why do Vampires and Werewolves always opt for the alternative lifestyle?) There is a huge wolfy sex romp type thing going on in a few scenes which also seemed ridiculous, especially with the blonde Stirba semi transforming into a blond werewolf. Chris Lee looks embarrassed for the most part, whilst Sybil Danning craves the screen time in her dominatrix wolf leader role. It’s not all bad though. Most of the scenes in Europe look great and add to the film. The scene with the spooky midget running through the streets with the clown mask is great cinema, and most of the wolf effects, although a bit crapo by todays standards, ain’t so bad, in a man-in-a-suit kinda way. Danning is the highlight of the film, it’s by all means, a Sybil Danning casting tape as she shows off her talent.

I’ve 5 more of these films to watch, and I’m actually beginning to question my logic in watching this series. Lets see.

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