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by on Jun.23, 2010, under Daily Review

This is some film. It’s so easy to pigeon hole female vampire films, especially those from the 70’s. Usually little plot, nudity, dreamy whimsical arty filming; and there’s nothing wrong with that. But here, we have something entirely different. A solid plot, brutal realistic characters, and a great pace which just keeps you glued to the screen.

The tale is a simple one. Two hot women live in a huge gothic English mansion. Their game is to hide in the woods and await passing travellers on the road, flag down their car and exclaim that they need help, can they hitch a lift back to their home. By the time, the driver (usually a bloke) has them home, they’re so under the spell of the women and the huge house: putty in their hands. Invited in to repay for kindness, get ‘em drunk and drink ‘em dry: Blood that is.

Simple. But what makes this film different from the rest in this sub genre? We’ll, I’ve gotta say, I’ve not really seen anything quite like this. It’s pure reality. I mean, I know we have lesbian vampires in a big house. I know this is not a reality, but the characterisation is perfect. They are solid real characters. Women who enjoy the red stuff, and have a fine way of getting what they want. It’s this really, which makes it stand out. There are some other stunning characters too who end up in far too deep. The sex scenes are solid reality and it feels like you are there with them in the room and when the bit comes, Christ it’s brutal.

The film looks and feels like a situation that anyone could fall into. A crazy moment of lost reality, one minute you are driving to your destination, the next, drinking wine in a cellar of an amazing house. Now that scene is something to be seen and one of my favourite moments in the whole film.  Michael Byrne as the playboy and wine connoisseur, Marianne Morris as Fran, Anulka plays Miriam, who lure the bloke into their trap with real magical charm. The scene is electric and mesmerising and when it all goes wrong for the playboy, it’s a great moment.

Meanwhile, Fran has a bloke in the loft, Ted, played by Murray Brown. She has a little thing for him so keeps him alive for a while and he doesn’t really know what to do about it. She’s all over him.

There’s nothing quite like this film. Spanish director Jose Ramon Larraz has created a great British horror yarn which works on the strength of the reflection of 70‘s Britain, great characters and also an amazing subtle use of score. Many scenes are entirely without music which works very well in creating an atmosphere.

Finally, there is a massacre of a woman late on in the film, which is so amazing and so real, it really is a shocking moment. Great finale too. Even within the last two minute of the film, the view has no idea which way this one will go. This really is a gem.

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