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Forest of Fear (Toxic Zombies/Bloodeaters)

by on Mar.12, 2010, under Daily Review

This is a dirty little film. It’s gritty and foul and actually harsh to watch. It’s difficult to put a finger on what it actually is, but I presume its some form of connotation that the film resembles a shooting style and washed out film/TV stock that reminds me of the Little House on the Prairie. Give the subject matter and characters, you can understand what its doing inside my head.

The basic plot is crop insecticide spraying in the countryside, causes a group of, already deranged and drugged-up, hippy wasters into savage flesh eating beasts, feasting on local holiday makers and country residents alike.

Make up is basic, white faces with red stained chops and fingers. Lots of grabbing at flesh and chomping on necks with drippy watery blood and very little gore. There are some fine examples of realistic violence, one zombie uses a large brick to crack a bloke over the head with, effective with a loud clunk. There’s also a scene, probably most famous and one which ate up the whole budget: A bloke gets his hand hacked off. Not exactly Tenebre style.

OK, so why are we watching this? Well, for some reason, this film was one of the nasties, banned in the UK back in ‘83 and one of the only ones left still banned and unreleased. No idea why on both points. You always expect a little more from the DPP list, but this film has no real redeeming features, although, i’d offer plus marks to Charles McCrann. This being his only film of his career. He directs, acts, produces and writes the lot. That’s determination and dedication and the reason you should stick with this film until end.

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