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The Slayer

by on Aug.29, 2010, under Daily Review

The first thing which you notice about The Slayer is how good it looks. The lighting, cinematography and set are all beautifully designed. It’s a strange film too, with an odd feeling about it, pace wise and structure which make this one quite unlike anything else really.

The basic idea is focused on Kay (Sarah Kendall), an artist who is obsessed with her dreams. She and a few friends head off to a remote island together, only to discover a strange beast picking them off one by one. Kay has premonitions and dreams of each murder, but has been having these all of her life, building up to this final event.

It’s a good spooky idea which JS Cardone (writer & director) works with well, getting believable dramatic performances out of the cast of unknowns. The plot works due to the steady build up, tension and atmosphere which is created steadily. The murders are violent but captured lightly with mainly only the after shock shown, with some great results fro the effects department. The pitchfork through the back and out the chest is a brilliant effect. Also, check out the hanging headless body, dried, black blood stains down the arms. Pretty nasty stuff.  

This was one of the films banned in the UK back in 83, but I’m surprised by this as it’s not an overly horrific film, focussing more on a spooky dreamlike atmosphere. This really was one of the innocent victims in the whole witch-hunt. Another point, if ever a movie had been wrongly titled it’s this one. The Slayer really does not do this film justice.

This is a good quality film from the 80’s, well worth a look. Plenty of atmosphere to keep you glued.

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