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Demons 4 (The Sect, La Setta)

by on Jan.07, 2010, under Daily Review

Once again, Demons 4, this really isn’t a sequel, again a shocking rebranding of a stunning movie which really does stand on it’s own two feet. (or Hoofs)

Michele Soavi really is the saving grace of modern Italian cinema, and has never put a foot wrong. As the understudy of Argento, he’s mastered the art of dropping crazy mind blowing scenarios into a simple plot mixing mystical, magical set pieces within a standard setting, and films in such a beautiful style with swooping camera work with brilliant set pieces. A stoke of Genius sees Kelly Curtis and Herbert Lom cast in central roles.

Here, we have a simple idea. The Son of Satan will be born by a pre chosen host, guided by a cult until the exact time and day. Little does Miriam (Kelly Curtis, sister of Jamie Leigh Curtis and the spitting image) know as she encounters weird situations and strange people and happening. A great moment with a bug being placed up her nose, later a giant stalk rapes and pecks her neck all quite viciously until the bugs hatched eggs are all pecked out. There’s a white bunny hopping from scene to scene which lives in an dolls house with a big clock on the door. There are loads of other weird moments with odd characters, strange and creepy.

The gore is great too. A Bava’esq slashing at the beginning is brutal and an amazing scene later on in the film during a ritual, a face is removed in one swift twist of a bunch of hooks placed around the face under the skin.

Herbert Lom puts in a great performance as the cult leader, a creepy old man who infiltrates the life of Miriam and ultimately, leads her to the gateway of hell for the main event.

This is a great film. There is so much goin’ on here, and should be watched numerous times, sipping vino and enjoying the visuals, and if you haven’t experienced Soavi yet, this is a fine place to start.

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