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The Hills Run Red

by on May.27, 2010, under Daily Review

There are many issues with this film, many reasons not to watch but let’s look at the good stuff first. The cast are pretty good, especially Janet Montgomery (Skins). Its a nice looking film with all the obvious horror hooks and the gore is good.

Now, what about the rest? OK. The plot is not good. Even when you try to step right away from the whole Blair Witch thing going on, and all the other stuff that’s Bern lifted from every other horror movie, it still doesnt help the story.
A young film maker is obsessed with a long lost horror snuff film. He tracks down the film makers daughter, now a stripper, and with his small film crew, heads off to the family home, only to hear along the way that all the stuff was real, he tortured and murdered girls on film.

So they get there, a d guess what? Daddy is still there shooting flicks, waiting for his newly recruited actors. This could hsve been good, as some moments are cool, and it looks great, but the bottom line is the plot sucks.

Also, it’s never a good idea to try to name a film in a Maner which offers conotstions of other ‘great’ horror films.

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