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Khooni Murdaa

by on May.03, 2010, under Daily Review

Mohan Bhakri Directs this Hindi Elm Street styled affair, all Bollywood and gore and a pretty good job of it he does too. Some slight changes in the storyline. Rather than the child killing Freddy, here we have the womaniser, Ranjit who pursues Rekha, the local babe, leaving roses and stalking in a sleazy way. After taking his advances one step too far, Rekha turns down Ranjit during a BBQ and a bit of a song and dance with friends. Ranjit gets angry, and a fight breaks out, but he’s the one who ends up in the flames, burning to death. But strange things happen and here, Ranjit returns to haunt the dreams of those who wronged him, as a burnt creepy man of nightmares, complete with retractable finger knives on both hands.  

Its interesting to see a cultural difference with a very similar plot. Most of the murders are the same, but the pacing is slower and obviously more Bollywood in style. But it’s reassuring that the man of your nightmares can be appreciated through artistic creativity. The film has images and ideas lifted from the first few Elm street films. The bath scene is very well done in a brutal realistic way, rather than Craven’s dreamy style. The interesting point really is Ranjit is a bloody spooky, nasty piece of work which echoes the original Krueger from the first Western instalment and makes the latter incarnations look like children’s entertainers.

Bollywood veteran Deepak Parashar plays Inspector Chopra in the John Saxon role, whilst Sripradha, one of India’s finest young actresses of the time,  takes the lead as Rekha.  

Also, there’s always time for a bit of song and dance, even as the bodycount increases with a very innocent fun comedy feel to many of the scenes. A very strange balance.

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