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Jessica Cameron – Scream Queen

by on Mar.19, 2013, under Other Musings

This week’s Scream Queen focus is Jessica Cameron, the former fashion student from Canada, turned horror goddess. For us horror viewers, it was a great choice of career change. She’s been very busy for the past few years with such underground recent classics as Hell-O-Ween, Resurrection, Camel Spiders, and The Black Jessica CameronDahlia Haunting. The remake of the 80’s Santa Slashing flick, ‘Silent Night’ propelled her into a wider audience of weekend horror viewers which has opened up a whole bunch of roles currently in production including the eagerly antisipated Virginia Obscura, a film of bloody revenge at a twisted family reunion. We also have Russ Williams Californian, backwoods, monster flick, ‘The Beast’ which sounds stunning.

Jessica Cameron has hit the ground running and it looks like she’s in for a marathon. Check her website here and follow her tweets for genre related info and general LA life. @JessicaCameron_

365 will be looking out for an interview, hopefully soon.


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Silent Night, Bloody Night

by on Dec.26, 2009, under Daily Review

This is a fine old classic, something which I was not expecting when I drew up my list of festive films to watch and it’s remarkably good. It’s old and creepy looking, centring around an old house, used for an asylum, inheritance and the deeds that took place SilentNightBloodyNight1974USpostermany years before and the return of an occupant over the Christmas  celebrations. The use of flash backs is superbly executed with sepia which looks ancient. The house itself is enough to send a shiver down the spine, but the atmosphere which is created with odd camera angles, interesting and peculiar characters and a great script all bundle to make a real nice gem of a film.

It’s great to find a film of this calibre and looking at the cast and crew who all do a fantastic job, I cannot believe that nothing became of any of them, and this film isn’t really recognised or mentioned at all!

The initial murder is shockingly gory and looks about as real as it gets, considering this is 1973, it’s shocking. The later scenes of the house being used as an asylum are also disturbing and harsh. This is really what nightmares are made of, but the whole thing is made with some finely crafted art vision. It’s beautiful to watch and experience.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night

by on Dec.25, 2009, under Daily Review

For the first 45 minutes of this film, we see the childhood of Billy Chapman (Robert Brian Wilson) which has numerous character changing moments, far too many for any believable situation and all pointing towards the hatred of Santa. Many of these silentnightdeadlynightkill1could have been cut and allowed the film to flow a bit quicker and get to the meaty part of the flick, getting down to some gory slashing business.

The crazy Grandfather, although a good fun scenario was really a waste of time. The slaying of the parents would have been enough to set this film up with and allow enough psychological damage to promote a spree of Santa-goria. The business at the orphanage also seemed like a total waste of time, although giving some slight reason for a murderous return later on in the film.  When the massacre does begin, we see a whole run of ingenious ways to kill, Christmas style. From the initial strangulation using Christmas tree lights, to the deer horn impailing of Linnea Quigley who here certainly shows her talent in this, one of her early movies.  The massacre continues at random picking people who have been naughty as his main victim. A young girl who has been nice gets given a blood stained Stanley Knife. Nice touch. There’s also a very good ski slay decapitation.

The back story is far too long but the plot is virtually the same as Halloween. One point. What happened to the younger sister in  the early massacre? Is this part of the sequels, of which there are no less that 5 in the series! With the plot out of the way, lets home the others roll a bit better as when this gets moving, it’s damn good fun.

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