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Scream 3

by on Jul.09, 2010, under Daily Review

The difficult third film in the series. All bets are off. Anything can happen. These are the words offered to us from the now deceased (died in part 2) Randy Meeks, about halfway through the film from a VHS recorded, diary kinda warning for what is to come. Wes Craven once again offers us some stabbing action with the guy in the mask, terrorising and out for blood once more with Sidney top of the list.

The third encounter is set some time after the other two. Sidney (Neve Campbell) is living out in the country, false name under protection. A 3rd film is in production, Stab 3, the further adventures of the masked murder. Cotton (Liev Schreiber) this time has a guest appearance in Stab, but falls victim to yet another killer taking up the role in the mask. And so, a spree occurs once more, this time across the Hollywood hills and the set of the movie. Actors and those involved are slice n diced.

Craven and Krugar worked a clever trick with this film, taking the whole media explosion from the plot of the second film, and this time dropping the key ideas right into an actual film of the events from the first film. Actors playing characters from the first, who also star here. A fine twist and a good direction to take the film in. Unlike the previous pair, this is a very different film; more comical, less teen driven and to an extent, less soul, probably due to the missing Kevin Williamson on script duty. The predecessors have a real spark and magic which is a difficult task to capture, but here the magic is only a glimmer. That’s not to say it’s not enjoyable as it’s still great and fun and popcorn horror to a fine degree, but a difficult pair to follow.

There is an interesting introduction of a back story for Sidney’s mother which works well and is totally unexpected. A few new blade fodder include Jenny Mccarthy, Deon Richmond and Emily Mortimer. Guest cameos from Roger Corman, lance Hendriksen and Jay & Silent Bob. This is all good. The stabbing and chases and mask wearing craziness all cool, but really lacking in magic. Neve Campbell is barely in this film also which is a damn shame as she is the star and reason for watching the Scream series. This time, the focus is far more on the romantic events of Dewey (Dave Arquette) and gale Weathers, (Courtney Cox) which all gets a bit repetitive. Will they won’t they kinda thing.

The last 20 minutes are back on track though with some serious slasher action with Sidney back in the hot seat.

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