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Perjanjian DiMalam Keramat

by on May.04, 2010, under Daily Review

This is a crazy unofficial Indonesian Elm Street style flick, from Director Sisworo Gautama Putra. There are some direct frame for frame sequences lifted from Elm Street 4, but that’s about where the similarity ends, that is, apart from the killer with a glove of knives, haunting dreams.

The plot is something surrounding the murder of a rival gangster, his wife and children. His wife (Yenni Farida) returns as a monstrous Freddy character in a floaty white dress, seeking vengeance with a glove of knives. Harious henchement get it and eventually, the other gangster bloke meets his maker. It’s the his daughter, played by ‘Suzzanna’ Indonesia’s hottest actress, who then seeks revenge.

There are some great effects here. A spectacular scene with a guy pushing weights has his arms ripped off as they are replaced with pinchers, crab style. He’s then scalped before his brain and eyes slip from his open gushing wound. Gruesome stuff. It’s not a great film, the set is a bit shoddy but the power and enthusiasm this film has is hard to beat. Suzzanna steals the show with some stunning martial arts and a final showdown fist fight with the embodiment within the dream ghosty freddy replacements. It’s all good fun.

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