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Murder Rock

by on Feb.27, 2010, under Daily Review

How surprised am I with this movie? It’s a great flick. I was expecting something very different, but what we have here is a subtle Fulci film. Very few scenes of violence and even smaller amounts of gore… well.. in fact none, apart from a few piercings. The film is set in a school of dramatic art and dance, focusing on an elite team of dancers working with top choreographers. For the first ten mins of the film, I actually thought I’d slipped the Flashdance disk in by mistake, with hardbodies in leotards flinging from one side of the screen to the other. We soon get into the bones of this film with the first murder. A black leather gloved killer, knocking the victim out with chloroform before using a fancy hat pin to pierce the breast, straight through the heart. A plot device and totally original for what could have fallen in to the usual who done it category.  From there on in, girls are dropping all over the place, in order of talent. Who is the murder? What is their reason? With many jealous students and teachers, in this highly competitive world, any one of them could be the killer.

Olga Karlatos is stunning in this film, such screen presence and character, playing the dance academy tutor; her moments on screen are intense. Pair that up with the mighty ray Lovelock who plays a ‘down on his luck actor,’ the chemistry here is magnificent. Hats off to Fulci for beautiful direction, neatly crafted and brilliantly shot scenes. Cosimo Cinieri is also amazing here as the hard boiled police chief on the case.

It’s a fine film, witch pairs the energy of Flashdance with the cinematography of New York Ripper, without the over the top violence, opting for a subtler Hitchcock approach. A perfect piece of Giallo. A final note must be made to credit the amazing talent of Keith Emerson for recording a great 80’s groovy score with some memorable pop hits.

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