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Mother of Tears

by on Nov.07, 2009, under Daily Review

Argento’s long awaited 3rd part in his Three Mothers trilogy. Does it disappoint? Not at all. This is pure crazy euro horror, the likes not seen on the silver screen (or betamax video cassette) for 20 years.

The story: During an excavation of a cemetery, a casket containing ultimate evil is discovered, and transported to the museum of Rome for further study. The evil is mother01unleashed spreading a plague of terror though the streets of the capital turning residents into crazed rapists, murderers and loonies.  Only one person can save Rome and the world from domination; Sarah (Asia Argento). As Witches converge in Rome for the event, her adventure begins leading to an awakening within her own soul and the enlightenment that her mother was a great white witch. Sarah alone must defeat the resurrected evil witch Mater Lachrymarum, who is leading this second age of witchcraft.

It’s a crazy film with some very odd moments, which can be excused by such a wild concept. The evil which is first released is in the form of huge fury monster, men in suit types which is great. Some CGI is really bad and the script is slightly off, but this aside, it’s pretty good stuff. Does it stand up against it’s original two parts? Maybe not, but times are different, and films like Suspiria and Inferno just ain’t being made any more, but this is probably as good a third part that we could ever expect.

It may have been a bad decision to cast Asia in the lead role. My theory; all Argento films with Asia are weak. A good theory I know. but it’s not her acting ability in question, but more a matter of direction regarding Father/Daughter relationship.

Other fine reasons to watch this one, include fine yet brief performances from Daria Nicolodi, Udo Kier and Moran Atias as the head witch. Memorable scene being, Asia’s spirit talk with her dead mother with mystic dust is an awesome moment and the whole invisibility trick in the bookshop is magical.

While the current theme for horror films revolves around gore and torture, it’s great to see a film with a bit of fantasy and vision.

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