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Malabimba (The Malicious Whore)

by on Aug.25, 2010, under Daily Review

Andrea Bianchi’s erotic horror, demon possession event. This is a crazy film with a young girl who goes off the rails after witnessing a horrific Séance. The medium (Elisa Mainardi) at the séance shouting out all obscenity in a grand gothic house of a rich family. (Is this in the grounds of a convent? There seems to be an awful lot of nuns about) This is probably the highlight of the film for me. It’s beautifully shot and a powerful introduction. From here on in, the film slips into a more erotic film, with the young girl (Katell Laennec) witnessing encounters within the household but finding her own mind driving her crazy with lust and desire leading to outrageous acts of depravity and a strange scene with her obsessing over her own grandfather in very graphic detail. The final salvation comes when the sister (The brilliant Mariangela Giordano) at the convent soaks up the evil from the young girl after a lesbian encounter and throws herself off a tower, very reminiscent of the Exorcist.

Bianchi knows how to shoot a great looking film, which is dream like for the most part. An interesting take on the Exorcism theme which deals with inner obsessions and desires and what is good and evil, obviously questioned by society and the church. This film would have been shocking for it’s day, and still holds up even now with some scenes still maybe questionable with the UK censors.

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