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La Hora Fria (the Dark Hour)

by on Nov.27, 2009, under Daily Review

Spooky Spanish treat set in a bunker holding the remnants of the human race as we know it. We’re not too sure what has gone before and what all of the characters know or appear to know. But we know there is little food and medical supplies left and we know there are other things lurking along hora01the corridors and the other side of thick walls and locked doors. It’s an interesting drama mainly viewed from the eyes on an eight year old boy, dreaming of the day he will see the sea, his only knowledge of which has been passed on from stories told within the bunker.

It’s very well filmed, atmospheric and intriguing. The corridor’s fill the screen with a feeling of dread as the youngsters make their way quickly from their maths class back to the safety of their home, figures lurking in the shadows and the talk of Solitary Boy who lives on scraps of bread and hides from the light. The Strangers who live behind locked doors are infected zombie type creatures; the law being, ‘if you are touched by a Stranger, you must be killed.’ Then there are some other weird ethereal beings, with multiple legs that light up the screen, blinding. The Invisibles creep into rooms at night at the coldest of times. All of these threats are enough to mix up a tremendous plot, with the central characters living in constant fear of attack, starvation or even just loosing power and water. A perfect vehicle really for actors to get their teeth into character based roles.

The problem is there is something missing. Maybe there are too many ‘other’ threats and maybe the characters are all a bit obvious, but La Hora Fria has an element which just misses the mark slightly and it’s a shame as it could nearly have been a real classic. The acting is impressive, especially the young cast. Omar Munoz (Jesus) is a little star.

The ending is quite a talking piece too, which I won’t mention here but I wasn’t expecting the final scene. Quite a situation to be in to be honest and its some secret for the adult characters to have carried with them. There is a lot left unexplained about La Hora Fria, and that’s a good thing.

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