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Nosferatu the Vampyre

by on Oct.14, 2010, under Daily Review

This is my first and only experience of Herzog, but I can tell you, I’ll be checking out a lot more of his work after this one. I knew I’d like his style, but wasn’t expecting the immense class and artistic creativity on and behind the screen.

The basic Dracula plot, set in Europe, beautiful scenery and more rustic than any other versions I’ve seen. Rather than aristocratic characters, we have a more dreamy cast who fall for Dracula’s spell, falling in love with desire and all things alive, living for the moment and falling head over heals, as one could say. Klaus Kinski takes the lead and is fabulous here. Emotional and torn, yet bursting with desire from with, the exterior pure solemn melancholy. Bruno Ganz and the beautiful Isabelle Adjani take on the characters of Lucy and John Harker who fall under the spell of Dracula. It’s everything you could imagine really. A beautiful tale of love and loss with one of the most gorgeous endings, heartfelt and warming and Dracula loses track of time, lost in his own desire and worship.

Herzog can shoot a camera like no-one else. He captures energy and art and emotion with such ease. Sweeping landscapes and pretty villages look amazing with characters being allowed to take their tame over a simple scene which could be snapped through by another director. Some great repetitive scenes of the bat in flight and one of my most memorable, climbing up a lace curtain. Stunning. Another highlight for me would be the entry of Dracula, or should I say his shadow, as Lucy brushes her hair. She watches as the shadow opens the door and approaches behind her, through a mirror. Very, very nice stuff.

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