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Junk (Shiryô-gari)

by on Mar.29, 2010, under Daily Review

A diamond robbery deal goes wrong when the meeting is disturbed by flesh eating zombie hordes. That’s the basic plot. There’s some crazy stuff thrown in for good measure. A scientist who’s love for his dead car crashed wife holds no bounds and when the military ask him to work on a serum to reanimate dead tissue, the reanimation of his deceased wife is his main focus.

Atsushi Muroga directs this wild film with confidence and enthusiastic with a heart, truly passionate for the genre. Homage’s to Romero, Fulci and even Stuart Gordon are evident here but there is little in the way of originality. Saying that, it’s not a bad thing and the film fly’s by at an enjoyable pace, especially in the second half where the blood really begins to flow.

Kyoko (Miwa) is the super zombie queen who is a great character and a zombie with a difference, performing all forms of jumps and fist fights with a real intelligence. The rest of the flesh shuffling fiends are all brain dead and out for a snack, as usual. Saki (Karoi Shimamura) is our main protagonist, a thief on the run, caught up in this mess, wrong place at the wrong time. Dual gun toting and up for a fight, she’s a tough character. Great scene has her pushing her hand deep into the stomach of Kyoko to retrieve detonation keys for a controlled explosive. Akira (Shu Ehara) is the real star here though. The typical fool role, Ehara dumbs it down a lttile and actually give the film some solid grounding and a bit of life. I’m not usually a fan of this type of character in this type of film, but here it works well.

So, a zombie outing, stable and solid in plot, substance and acting but nothing new here. Something else worth a mention. Was that a stolen Simonetti soundtrack in there too?

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