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I Sell the Dead

by on May.30, 2010, under Daily Review

The film is easy and enjoyable enough to watch, slouching out on a sofa with pizza and a selection of snacks n drinks, it’s ideal to pass the time with this quirky little film. Saying that, it has moments of super obviousness and a script which seems to have been writing in my mind as I watched. Is this a bad thing? No, not at all.

Arthur Blake (Dominic Monaghan) is an apprentice grave robber working for Willie Grimes (Larry Fassenden). It’s an odd world with rival grave robbers, zombies and other undead to confuse the matter. Anything can go in this tale of a time long passed, and as Blake awaits his fate, beheading via guillotine, he confesses his life of crime to Father Duffy. (Ron Perlman)

This is a fun easy flick to watch and enjoy. It’s never gonna win any awards, but it’s light and entertaining. My biggest problem though, is this could have been a great film. The cast are perfect, the look and feel is also superb. The script it light and comic in style and very familiar as though the view were there, chatting with the characters in a muddy grave. But it gets a bit obvious. Responses are cliché and shoddy. I think what I’m getting at here, is with a better, cleverer script, we could have had a corker on our hands, as a film about grave robbing is always worthy of a viewing in my opinion. Also, I can’t help but feel that the actors seemed a bit neglected and probably left to run riot with their characters which is great, but Monaghan needs to be pulled back, otherwise, we get the usual role which he knocks out, the same one from Lost and ROTR.

Whilst on the subject, it reminds me of a story about the classic British comedian, Benny Hill who was buried in New York. The rumour got out that he was buried with a small fortune of jewellery and thus, his grave was disturbed and body left across the path of the cemetery. Shocking stuff. Another great fact which I love about Benny Hill, was that during the Moon landing, the Benny Hill Show was on TV on a rival channel in the USA and had bigger viewing figures!

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