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Howling VII: Mystery Woman

by on Feb.13, 2010, under Daily Review

Will it never end? Please don’t make any more Howling movies, I cannot take any more. The werewolf genre is a difficult one to work with but most of this series have been about as dreadful as you can get. So, this time, we have a stranger (Ted) in a small country town in California. After winning over the locals in a Country and Western bar, getting basic work and a room, murders begin to take place, along with a little ‘cattle worrying’. To be honest if I was in that bar I’d be tempted to mass slaughter the residents just to get the country tunes to stop. In a near by town, a cop and a priest are on the trail of Mary Lou (Elizabeth She) from the castle in Hungary (Howling V), 3 years prior. The priest seems to know all sorts of fact surrounding lycanthropes, facts from watching too many crap ‘Howling’ films I’d say. On a positive, Romy Windsor returns briefly as Marie Adams (Lead from Howling IV) and actually offers a glimmer of hope to the movie as she appears to be the only capable actress in the whole film.

The catch phrase on the poster for this film states ‘Somewhere out there a new breed of terror is breeding!’. Well it’s not breeding in this film, the terror must be somewhere else out there. Clive Turner is to blame here. His first and only film as Director, although producing the last 3 of this series, (and the Lawnmower Man movies) you would have thought he’d have learned his lesson with the others, or maybe he loves the franchise so much, but just couldn’t get another sucker to Direct, therefore, taking the role himself. Disaster.

Now, please make it stop. No more Howling please.

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