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Let the Right One In

by on Oct.15, 2010, under Daily Review

One of the most beautiful films so far in the project, heart warming and vicious with a cold heart which treads a tender line until ready to claim it’s victim. The film is subtle and delicate and atmospheric with super undertones reflecting child abuse, loss, anger and hatred.

Oskar (Kare Hedebrant) is a young 12 year old growing up in a the snowy Stockholm suburb, bullied by peers, ignored by his parents, he discovers a new life when he makes friends with a new girl on the block, Eli (Lina Leandersson). She’s different, strange but seems interested in Oskar’s world.

This is an unbelievable original tale. Simple in it’s conception, brilliant in it’s execution. Boy meets girl who then turns out to be Vampire and not even a girl. But when we look closer, we begin to find a whole super depth below the beautiful cinematography and the inspiring innocence portrayed by Leandersson and Hedebrant. On one level, we see a strong being, witnessing humanity in it’s humblest of forms, a boy bullied and ignored who needs some strength to build and achieve, yet there’s also the whole grooming side, with Oskar being chosen as Eli’s new slave. She grooms him, ready for the role, he adores her, he needs her and she creates a character around this which shows the prize at a price. It suggests a selfishness from the character of Eli, who knows she’s be taking the life of an innocent and rather than sharing happiness and a life together, (which is also kind of suggested on a basic level) it’s more of a protection of her own legacy, her own self preservation.

As I have said, the film is gorgeous to watch. It’s shot with such a perfect eye, very calm and delicately paced. Director Tomas Alfredson gets an amazing performance from his cast, both young and old. The film is no cheep Euro affair either. Some amazing effects. A woman on fire in a hospital bed is outstanding, some good gore scenes too with limbs and a head sinking in the pool scene, but probably one of the highlights and biggest effects is the scene with Eli entering Oskar’s home without being ‘Asked in.’ Amazing effect, blood pouring from here eyes and head, everywhere. A stunning scene, but this really isn’t what the title suggests, it’s not the ‘Let the right on in’ to your home, from my point of view, it’s a choice from Eli’s perspective, placing Oskar under scrutiny, situations, grooming and empowering, all the while allowing a friendship and love to bond him to her side forever.

This is one of the finest films I’ve ever scene. Wonderful and inspiring which just makes me smile thinking about it.

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