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Hellraiser : Hellworld

by on Oct.10, 2010, under Daily Review

Rick Bota Directs his 3rd Hellraiser film, this time taking the franchise in a totally different direction and to some degree, making a film which seems less about what Bota wanted and more of a push from the producers with pressure from the fans. It still wortks for me though.

We have a simple plot, collage kids obsessed with an online Hellraiser based virtual world, Hellworld. The film starts at a funeral, one of the kids had taken it all a bit too far and ended up 6 feet under. Some time later, the rest of his friends are still into the social network of their favourite film and get invited to the official Hellworld convention. Horror Legend, Lance Hendriksen plays the Host at the Con and soon makes all the invitees welcome, but of cause, the events turn sour when cenobites turn up to claim some souls. But is it real, part of the con, or is something else at play.

This is a basic twist on the story and an easy outing really. It’s fresh and light with plenty of glossy gore, more than we’ve seen in the rest of the series for a long time. The young cast are all quite good, Katheryn Winnick, Chris Jacot, Khary Payton and Anna Tolputt to name a few. Obviously, no Hellraiser flick would be complete without an appearance from Pinhead, Doug Bradley returns once again for the role.

Although enjoyable and easy to watch, I can’t help but feel that Bota was forced into this one. The other two deal with inner demons and to a degree, this one does too with guilt and regret, but it lacks the charm and character of his other two, shot as a run of the mill teen slasher.

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