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by on Apr.14, 2010, under Daily Review

This is Christopher Smith’s feature début and what an impact he has. The film is simple and basic in form. An easy and precise way to break into the genre. Set in the London underground and surrounding sewerage system of pipes and tunnels, a crazy freak dwells, hunting those working in the tunnels, or in this case, locked in for the night. This is Alien. Hills Have Eyes. Friday 13th. But this is the London underground and it’s never looked so grim.

Its as I say. Simple cat n mouse as always. Simple formula but with a new setting and mainly British actors which offers a new incite with fresh eyes and creativity. The film is tense, spooky, creepy and hideously gory in places which are select and not used as a selling point. It’s the atmosphere that Smith creates so well with brilliant visionary camerawork and enthusiastic actors who have totally bought into the roles.

It’s no wonder Smith has become one of the most exciting directors in the genre today. He’s an inspiration and has grown from strength to strength with his last three films. (Severance and Triangle)

The film is not perfect though. Don’t be surprised to question characters reasons for actions. ‘Why are you climbing into a small manhole? You should be asking at one point I the film. ‘Why don’t you run and get the hell out of there’ at others and most importantly, which I repeated several times ‘hit him again and finish the creep off!’

Franka Potente is brilliant as our protagonist Kate, and well supported by Vas Blackwood, Paul Rattray and Kelly Scott. Sean Harris is amazing as Craig the creep.  

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