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Lorenza and Eli – Engaged

by on Feb.16, 2014, under Other Musings

365 would like to congratulate Lorenza Izzo and Eli Roth on their engagement. What a perfect couple and such a romantic weekend for a proposal. We raise a glass to their future!


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Lorenza Izzo – Scream Queen

by on Mar.07, 2013, under Other Musings

Lorenza Izzo is a name which is gonna rock the horror genre. The Chilean model has bagged 3 scorching horror roles which are gonna crash our screen later this year under the guidance of Eli Roth. Hemlock Grove is a monster TV show; we’ve had vampires, pretty much done to death, (although True Blood  is still hitting the bar of originality) we’ve also had werewolves, Hemlock will give us something altogether different as far as ‘Werewolves’ are concerned. Based on McGreevy’s novel of the same name, Netflix are due to premiere April 19, 2013.

Lorenza IzzoNext up is Aftershock – disaster movie stroke massacre gore fest directed by Nicolås Løpez with Roth in production and lead acting duties. This sounds like a crazy flick, a two for one roller-coaster of mayhem.

Finally, Roth’s homage to Cannibal Holocaust,  ‘The Green Inferno’, see’s Roth back in the director hot seat. This is gonna be some film and what expectations we have, as if anyone can honour Deodato’s 1980’s controversial bloodbath, Roth is our man.

Izzo looks to set her reputation and take the crown as 2013’s scream queen.

Hemlock Grove is due 19th April, Aftershock May 10th, The Green Inferno will hit screens later in the year.

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Hostel 2

by on Aug.03, 2010, under Daily Review

Eli Roth follows up his successful first outing of Eastern European gorenography with another tale of backpacking, this time from the viewpoint of the girls. Can the franchise take another hit of Hostel goodness and can Eli strike gold twice?

So, this time we see the Hostel from more of a business point of view. The whole process of bidding on potential bodies to experience nightmares beyond belief. Rich business men, worldwide, bidding to auction. The whole buy-in with tattoo as part of the club, then there’s the pager which buzzes day or night  when the unlucky target has been captured and prepared for the event. All interesting stuff. We have the main party of unlucky victims, this time it’s a group of girls, Beth (Lauren German), Lorna (Heather Matarazzo) and Whitney (Bijou Phillips), who wind up in Slovakia in the magical Hostel, although this time it doesn’t seem to have the same spark as it did when the lads where there on the previous outing. The I.D.’s are copied, processed and auctions take place. Two American blokes (Roger Bart & Richard Burgi) pay the hefty price for Whitney and Beth, and it’s not long before the games begin.

The film, although fun and obviously a different angle struggles to entertain the way the first one did. This is not really a bad thing as at least we are not just getting a rehash of the first film, with girls. We get to see the cogs at work, the minds of those who pay for the privilege which is great. There is also quite a cool twist late on which for me finished the film off on a high. The final 20 minutes are really good and not really what you would expect. I was expecting an all out over the top gore fest of torture, but it’s cleverer than that. Bart and Burgi are great choices of all American guys, previously seen as regulars on Desperate Housewives, here they push their ability to the limit. Phillips is very good too, but the start is Lauren German who is amazing here.

I’m impressed with this due more to it’s subtleness, even thought here are some high torture moments, offered in the most artistic possible way, but Eli has really thought of the concept here and taken the story in a different direction.

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