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La Chiesa (The Church (Demons 3))

by on Jan.10, 2010, under Daily Review

This film is about as good as it gets for 80’s Italian horror. It has everything, demon possession, spirits, mad men, murder, monsters and gore. Beautifully put together with a great cast of actors, a good script by Dario Argento (which even works well with Dubbing, even though it’s shot in English, although it looks as though Hugh Quarshie and Asia get their own voices) and some amazing direction, care of Michele Soavi, here at his finest.

The film is set in a Cathedral as a tomb is opened by archaeologists, releasing the demon spirits of devil worshipers from the middle ages, all inhabitants find themselves witness to strange happenings either in the form of hallucination, or possession but what makes this film stand out apart from the stunning cinematography and great vision achieved by Soavi, is that at no point do we really think evil will be overcome. We follow each character as they are taken to a dark place in their mind, and we accept the situation for what it is, unlike other offerings which would see a protagonist fighting evil and solving the crime and destroying Satan.

Barbara Cupisti offers a fine performance alongside Tomas Arana, Antonella Vitale, a young Asia Argento in what is probably her finest perfomance and the superb Giovanni Lombardo Radice as the old Reverend. Stivaletti knocks out most of the effects including an amazing goat headed demon and a good spiky iron gate through the neck of a woman is good too. Score by Goblin is the icing on the cake.

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Demons 3 (The Ogre)

by on Jan.06, 2010, under Daily Review

This re-branded Lamberto Bava flick was released to cash in on the Demons success as part of a video re-branding release. It’s a shame as this kinda thing just tricks everyone and removes any credit the film might have had due to expectation. Originally, a TV movie as part of a short 3 part Italian series, Brivido giallo in ‘86.

 The Ogre is quite a good film, nicely filmed, pace and script are pretty good. It’s location is stunning though, set in a huge old mansion with great furniture and a creepy basement. Tells the tale of a young family who head to the country for a vacation to enable and aspiring novelist to find some inspiration. She soon dreams up a whole tale of beauty and the beast style romance and finds her imagination becoming reality.

 Virginia Bryant returns to the franchise from Demons 2, alongside Paolo Malco (New York Ripper & House by the Cemetery) and both offer fine performances. The Ogre effect is pretty bad, it’s a shame as the film hangs in the balance and if only the budget could stretch and provide some finer monster makeup, it could have been such a better movie. As it is, Angelo Mattei creates some half decent effects, some floating corpses are memorable and a highlight of one of the best moments in the film, while Bryant’s character discovers a missing page to her story at the bottom of a well in the cellar, taking a dip, fully clothed, she dives to the bottom to retrieve her paper, only to find bodies floating all around. All very reminiscent of Inferno. The film does ‘dream like’ very well and creates quite a nice atmosphere; enjoyable.

 Never the less, it’s quite good. Don’t expect too much and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Demons 3 (Black Demons)

by on Jan.05, 2010, under Daily Review

Umberto Lenzi has had a long and winding and varied career. Cannibal Ferox and Nightmare City are high points, but this film is not far off the mark. Set in Brazil, 3 students are backpacking around the country. After their jeep breaks down, they find shelter in a nearby former plantation. Dick (Joe Balogh) was involved in a voodoo ritual earlier and through the power of a walkman, finds himself in the centre of the resurrection of the former slave occupants on the house; the Black Demons are out for revenge!

The young cast are all quite good. Offered little in the way of direction, they actually do a fine job with a pretty good script too. It’s well paced and has some high calibre gore moments. An impressive eye gouge is the first gore offering as Sonia (Juliana Teixeira) has one hooked out in style. A bloody good effect too, which is repeated later on in the film along with some good hatchet scenes.

 Although this has absolutely nothing to do with the Bava/Argento Demons, the Italians are renound for re-titling any old film as a sequel to gain higher viewing ratings. Crazy really as this film could easily have carried it’s self with it’s own merits. The Demons in question are nothing more than Zombies, and in fact, an alternative title of Black Zombies has been used on other releases.

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