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Død Snø (Dead Snow)

by on Mar.24, 2010, under Daily Review

A group of Norwegian friends, twentysomethings head for a weekend of fun in the snow. A log cabin and snow boards, what more could they ask for? When a small box of treasure is uncovered, strange things begin to happen and the Nazi Zombies raise from the snowy ground, out for revenge.

It’s a simple plot and one full of homage to everything which has gone before. The script is one of fan boy turned film maker and on this level, the film wortks a treat. References all over the place. Evil Dead, April Fools, Friday 13th etc. It’s a great achievement for Norwegian Director Tommy Wirkola and writer/actor Stig Frode Henriksen to create such a great looking, well balanced movie. Black comedy moments fuel the script with a crazy amount of gore splashing all over the screen, turning the snowy peaks red.

It’s well shot, well made with a great cast of unknowns who all seem incredibly relaxed in front of the camera, all look great and its such a good thing to watch a gore flick with a talented cast who are not the usual Hollywood affair. It’s a good film with a high enjoyment level but the gore is what this film is really all about, with Zombies dispatched using all forms and manner. Especially fun, was the snow bike mincing the zombie to mush.

So what about the bad points? Well, for me, this doesn’t quite hit the spot. It says what it does on the tin, and that’s all you get really. The zombies are all a bit too controlled for my liking, but this is mainly a basic premise of the plot as Herzog, (Oran Gamst) their leader takes control. I must say, Gamst is very good in this role with a cool mighty bark on him.

I wasn’t expecting as much humour, but it was all a bit too obvious, but that’s not a bad thing. I’d look forward to seeing what direct Wirkola and Henriksen take, as they are obviously talented and enthusiastic, but next time, I’d expect more life and soul.  

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