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Cries and Shadows (Naked Exorcism)

by on Aug.23, 2010, under Daily Review

This is a 1975 Exorcist clone, which is quite good despite it’s shocking script. The film follows a young chap, Mark (Jean Claude Verne) who becomes obsessed, or should I say, possessed by the spirit of a crazy naked woman (Mimma Monticello) he sees, dancing over a waterfall. She’s soon in his head and manifests real in the flesh in his bedroom which is all a bit too much for the poor lad which sends him over the edge. He’s tied to a bed, Regan style and spends a lot of time puking green gunk and shouting obscenities, although these are never too bad, ‘I spit on you and all of your mumbo jumbo’ is one and ‘You clown!’ is another. No real reason to get a nun in the house who later has a bit of a fling with the waterfall woman too. Next up, they call in the big guns, from the church to face the demon, Dick Conte. This is really where the rip off stuff comes into play. It’s quite shocking with some scenes shot frame for frame. Conte is good mind, but blatant in his character to reproduce the Father Merrin (Von Sydow) role. He does a great job at not laughing though with the most ridiculous lines in the whole film held out until the final 20 minutes.

The film looks great, very Italian and shot in a really nice looking remote village. Plenty of nudity and little, really in the way of questioning beliefs and no gore at all. Maybe the subtitled version would have been a better choice here. (is one available?)  The film was originally released as ‘Un urlo nelle tenebre’, The Naked Exorcism, but rebranded Exorcist part 3 in that famous Italian way.

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