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by on Apr.14, 2010, under Daily Review

This is Christopher Smith’s feature début and what an impact he has. The film is simple and basic in form. An easy and precise way to break into the genre. Set in the London underground and surrounding sewerage system of pipes and tunnels, a crazy freak dwells, hunting those working in the tunnels, or in this case, locked in for the night. This is Alien. Hills Have Eyes. Friday 13th. But this is the London underground and it’s never looked so grim.

Its as I say. Simple cat n mouse as always. Simple formula but with a new setting and mainly British actors which offers a new incite with fresh eyes and creativity. The film is tense, spooky, creepy and hideously gory in places which are select and not used as a selling point. It’s the atmosphere that Smith creates so well with brilliant visionary camerawork and enthusiastic actors who have totally bought into the roles.

It’s no wonder Smith has become one of the most exciting directors in the genre today. He’s an inspiration and has grown from strength to strength with his last three films. (Severance and Triangle)

The film is not perfect though. Don’t be surprised to question characters reasons for actions. ‘Why are you climbing into a small manhole? You should be asking at one point I the film. ‘Why don’t you run and get the hell out of there’ at others and most importantly, which I repeated several times ‘hit him again and finish the creep off!’

Franka Potente is brilliant as our protagonist Kate, and well supported by Vas Blackwood, Paul Rattray and Kelly Scott. Sean Harris is amazing as Craig the creep.  

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by on Apr.12, 2010, under Daily Review

Christ, my mind feels as though the brain has been dissected into multiple parts then slipped back together complete, rubik cube style. This is a very clever film and one I did not think would result so rounded and perfect in its execution. These kinds of films usually leave loose ends which make little sense. Here we have a satisfying conclusion to a film that manipulates reality to the brink of breaking.

The plot revolves around a group of friends heading out on a luxury yacht for a day of sea and sun off the coast of Miami. When the weather turns the boat is crushed and they are lucky to survive; clinging to wreckage and life jackets until an ocean liner comes to their rescue. But the cruise ship is not all that it seems as the friends find out that strange things can happen as sea, especially near the Bermuda Triangle.

So we have the intriguing plot, but these things seldom offer any kind of satisfaction. Triangle is a well produced bag of tricks. The plot is perfect, the acting is excellent with stunningly good direction. Chris Smith excels with this film, following up his less ambitious previous films, Creep and Severance (both excellent), here, seriously upping the stakes. The film is not only clever, but looks very nice (Not surprisingly, with Rob Humphreys on board as DP (Somersault)) throughout which each frame perfectly directed, especially some of the later scenes of the film which are glorious. Many scenes are reminiscenet of Kubrick’s Shinning, but I’d say this is more a tip of the hat to help create an experience of mind trick reality.  Smith has certainly comfortable with this genre and here he’s at the top of his game.

The cast are of high calibre. Melissa George has come a long way since her Soap past. I’m sure working with David Lynch did her no harm, here she is stunning. Liam Helmsworth, Michael Doorman and Rachael Carpani are also superb.

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