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Cherry Falls

by on Dec.27, 2009, under Daily Review

This is a pretty standard affair when it comes to teen horror. It’s got all the blessings of the Scream generation but has something missing. It’s a very basic idea. A crazed killer is knocking off teen virgins at the local school. Simple M.O. The plot delves a cherrylittle deeper and we find an old secret which has been hushed up, now that secret is back after 25 years and looking for vengeance.¬† It all goes a bit wrong and seems to lose it’s way. The killer is a wild old woman which¬†makes a difference, but she ends up killing anyone rather than sticking to her agenda.

It’s a shame it doesn’t build to anything better, as the talent on the screen is great, with Brittany Murphy and Michael Biehn dominating in screen presence and charisma. Some great moments and a very shiny axe looks great in the later part of the film. The Lose Your Cherry party offers some light comedy, especially the Marx Bros moment when loads of teens are trying to get down a staircase.

It’s a fun 90 mins, better than you could expect to be honest, mainly down to the acting rather than the plot.

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