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Burnt Offerings

by on Jun.05, 2010, under Daily Review

Am I missing something here? This film is listed under the Greatest Ghost Films of our time, but Christ, I must have been watching something else as it was more like an extended episode of Lassie. (without a dog alas)

A family move out to the country, their residence, a huge American ranch type mansion, Dallas style. Strange things begin to happen, and the wife (Karen Black) starts to act a bit strange, hot and cold leaving Oliver Reed’s character confused. A slow (very much so) burning film with quite a big ending, although this can be seen from very early on as to what the climax will eventually be.

I’m not sure where this film goes wrong, as the cast are great, the script is pretty good, but it’s so slow and drab for the most part. A few highlights keep the viewers attention, but it’s really not enough and certainly not enough for the length of film, coming in close on 2 hours (Actually felt more like 6)

I think the real problem here is pace and the overall look of the film, which really does look like a TV film, ala Lassie. There is no tension, no atmosphere, no creepiness and no originality. Ya know what else is missing? Style. This film has been compared to Amityville and Shinning. You’ve really gotta be kidding comparing this film to these masterpieces. I’ve got to say, I’m seriously disappointed with this film, after all, Director Dan Curtis later provided us with the Night Strangle and the Norliss Tapes, both inspiring and inventive TV.

The saving grace has to be Oliver Reed and Betty Davis who are both outstanding.  

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