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Blue Sunshine

by on Dec.04, 2009, under Daily Review

Like an extended episode of Starsky and Hutch, this film oozes 70’s charm and character with great looking station wagons, girls with large rimmed coloured glasses and men with funky hair. Well, some of them have hair, but the others could have been victims of the Blue Sunshine drug.

blueThe plot begins at a small celebration. One of the blokes breaks into his usual party turn as a crooner, but gets a bit carried away and starts snogging another fellas girl. Oi, he shouts, leaning over, grabbing him by the hair. That’s when the wig comes off and we see the first signs of the effects, dormant for 10 years. He offers a crazy weird look (one of the highlights of the film) and off he goes into the night, leaving his wig behind. There soon follows a massacre, with one survivor, Jerry Zipkin (Zalman King) who is framed for the murder. Escaping, he seeks justice, and discovers other massacres taking place by hairless crazy people.

It’s a great film, a great plot which rockets along at an enjoyable pace. Acting is convincing and even though this looks and feels pure 70’s, it’s a joy to watch. It’s a lesser known movie and really should be seen to be believed and placed on the national curriculum as a caution to warn kids of the terrors of drugs.

Some real highlights involve a scene in a gun shop in which Zipkin gets a quick lesson in pistol use. Also, the first massacre is a joy to watch, purely for the moment that the crazy bald bloke forces a woman in to a fire.

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