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Cheerleader Camp (Bloody Pom Poms)

by on Jul.18, 2010, under Daily Review

So bad it’s good? Well, this certainly captures the American teen years at summer camp. Full of comedy characters straight out of pigeon hole stereotype land. Saying that, it’s damn good in a easy popcorn kinda way with enough pace and gore to keep me occupied.

The story is a simple one. Cheerleaders at summer camp get slaughtered by an unknown killer. Meanwhile, the guys at the camp try hard as they can to catch a glimpse of the chicks in the changing room, pure Porky’s style. One by one the girls are picked off and before we know it, the camp is deserted apart from a few. Who is the killer? What is their motive? You’ll get to find out in the final scene.

This is real reminiscent showing the80’s to be cool and chic, now obviously we watch and laugh at the big hair and shocking clothes, but the film isn’t bad. It’s actually a well made movie with good structure and an interesting reasoning behind the murders. We have conflict of characters and social groups. Fat kids, cleaver kids, popular and bitches and beautiful people all out to gain some kind of respect and a bit of life skill from their time at camp and for me, this is the films strength. The murders are all a bit obvious but put that aside and you’ll enjoy this little nostalgia trip.

Betsey Russell (Now queen of the SAW films), Lucinda Dickey, Lorie Griffin and the talented Teri Weigel all star here, with some other good performances from Travis McKenner and Leif Garret. Don’t expect any Oscar performances and you won’t be disappointed.

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