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Bloody Moon

by on Feb.06, 2010, under Daily Review

European sleaze king, Jess Franco adds American Slasher to his bow following a trait in the 80’s to build on the success of Friday 13th and Halloween, and it’s a complex affair, with murders and murderers, revenge, obsession and greed all playing a part. I’m still trying to figure out who killed who for most of it but I probably won’t be watching this one again. It’s quite good though and as always, Franco shoots well and has a great eye for the camera.

A mixed bag of death see’s murder by chainsaw, knife, chompy neck clamp thing and a huge stone saw which is a stunning effect. All highly inventive, set with a backdrop of a girls language school in a remote part of Spain. Girls seem willing to run off with blokes in masks and let them do anything, before realising it was a bad idea when the blood begins to flow. One gets tied to a Stone block in front of a huge power saw. ‘Isn’t this a bit kinky’ she says!

The girls don’t seem too panicked either, when bodies start showing up. It’s all a bit blasé. Even in the later parts of the film, one girl left get a phone call, ‘Prepare yourself to die, I’m going to kill you’. She just hangs up and continues creeping around a darkened house. My favourite scene has to be when Miguel’s (Alexandrer Waechter) sister Manuela (Nadja Gerganoff) thinks he’s pushed a girl, Angela (Olivia Pascal) out of a train window, when suddenly she stands up, she was sitting down all the time, how could she not have been seen by the pair?

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