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Axe (Lisa, Lisa)

by on Sep.03, 2010, under Daily Review

This is a cheep, dirty little film which really gives me a pain between the eyes, but beneath the shoddy exterior, hides an interesting little life. It’s not for everyone. It’s not really for anyone to enjoy, but a select few will appreciate what Freddy Friedel was attempting here.

A small town is hit by three thugs on a crime spree. They stumble upon a farm house inhabited by a young girl and her mentally challenged grandfather. Lisa, (Lynn Bradley) at first look the innocent and is abused by the three bloke, but little do they realise, there’s a monster burning inside and they are about to meet its wrath.

Simple plot which is similar to a few others made around the same time. Here though, Friedel offers us a little difference in that Lisa tends to be accommodating to the thugs and go along with their plan until the moment is right for her. One by one, she picks them off and seems to have the whole situation under control. This subtle difference makes the film stand out from the rest, the usual offering the woman as a poor victim who eventually gets her own revenge. Lisa has this all tied up and has evil pouring from that sweet face of hers from the opening scene. The gore is not really bad, we don’t get to see much as there was no real budget here, but the camera work and connotations involved make this a disturbing film to watch and enjoy. Better, rather to appreciate what Freidel was aiming for.

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