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After Death: Zombi 4

by on Mar.05, 2010, under Daily Review

This time around, it’s voodoo. We’re back on a tropical island. Voodoo at play with bodies back from the dead. We also have a team of scientists researching a cure for cancer, this was all some 20 years prior to the current events on the island. A group of explorers out for excitement, with one the team a prom queen type blond, Jenny (Candice Daly), on a personal mission to understand what happened to her murdered scientist parents, who is quite spooky only seems to talk about the dead, witchcraft, and whispering souls, claiming to be carrying the key to hell given by her parents before they were eaten alive in front of her very eyes 20 years prior. Is it her that these beasts are after?

Claudio Fragasso (officially) directs this cheep zombie outing, which is actually quite good. Atmospheric with a half decent plot and some good scenes of zombieness. Actors actually seem to know what is expected of them and for the most part, they are pretty good. Daly’s acting is surprisingly good. Even Jeff Stryker, the US gay porn star (‘Powertool’ and ‘Can I be your Bratwurst, Please?’) who takes the lead role is pretty effective, as a Van Damme type character. Massimo Vanni (L’Ultimo Squalo) is impressive here too.

The inclusion of ‘the book of death’ is always a winner in my eyes and there’s a great scene with Stryker reading a few lines, before summoning up a horde of hooded zombies. I presume the hoods re due to budget restrictions with only enough cash in the pot for zombie face makeup. Also, the zombies here leap like ninjas, which is a little disturbing. They, once again, talk in this film, with many of the explorers, once zombiefied, telling their friends they ‘want them to feel like they do’.  Quite a good outing, surprised after the dreadful mess that Fragasso made of part 3.

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