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The Cult awaits. Join us TONIGHT 10PM on FX.

Posted by American Horror Story on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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George A. Romero – RIP

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We have lost another legend. The world will never be the same without him. RIP George!


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Stranger Things 2 promo

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Dead Bride promo

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DEAD BRIDE, is the new psychological horror, from the talented Francesco Picone (Anger of the Dead), and produced by Metrovideo, which is rich in classic elements of the genre with a plot full of twists and suspense, which should leave the viewer suitably terrified. This looks awesome.

dead bride - posterHere’s the blurb:-

After her father’s death, Alyson, her partner Richard and their baby return to her childhood home.

Following a few shocking supernatural events, Alyson discovers that she and her family have been living with a terrible curse, unleashed in the past by a bride killed by Alyson’s grandfather.

Soon after Alyson’s child disappears and she has no choice but to embark on a frightening journey into the underworld, to free herself from the bride’s curse and to look for her daughter.


The film is currently in post production but we hope to see something very soon. For more info, follow the film at Facebook.

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Lion – Trailer

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No soon as I report on Davide Meilin’s new short Lion, then I discover the trailer is live! Check this beast out!

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Lion – Davide Melini’s new offering

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One of Italy’s most exciting young directors has some fresh visuals for our senses. Davide Melini is back in the hot seat with his latest short film, Lion.  “An isolated chalet in a snowy forest… A man blinded by alcohol… A woman unable to rebel… And an 8-year-old child troubled and dark… The silent night is broken with cries… the start of a terrible nightmare!”

Lion 2Featuring a cast of three, Pedro Sánchez, Michael Segal (“Colour from the Dark”, “Anger of the Dead”), and Tania Mercader, this short looks to be exciting stuff and has all the key plot pieces to make this an intriguing film. Produced by some huge names in the industry, Luca Vannella (“Thor”, “Harry Potter”, “Apocalypto”, “Heart of the Sea”), Alexis Continente (“Thor”, “Penny Dreadful”), Vincenzo Mastrantonio (“Titanic”, “Moulin Rouge”, “The Passion of Christ”, “Romeo + Juliet”), Bobby Holland (“The Dark Knight Rises”, “Game of Thrones”, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”, “007 – Quantum of Solace”), Ferdinando Merolla (“Troy”, “Gangs of New York”, “Hannibal Rising”), Roberto Paglialunga.

Davide Melini has been busy lately working on everyone’s favourite horror show, Penny Dreadful, but i’m glad to see him back working on his own original work after the success of “The Sweet Hand of the White Rose” and “The Puzzle.” His directorial style is true Italian class, paired with his artistic eye for detail as DP, he certainly knows how to set up a shot and make the subject look glorious, but of cause, he was trained by the master – Dario Argento whilst working on Mother of Tears.

LionI asked Davide about the title, Lion and he gave me this insight – ‘The kid, Leon, loves animals and in particular lions. He has some lion posters in his room and some toys… And of course, his best friend: a stuffed lion!”

This really sounds exciting. A snowy, isolated chalet, an alcoholic and a child with a Lion – expect dark dreams and nightmares.


Official Website



Lion is currently in post production but due for a Halloween release. I’m eagerly looking forward to this!

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Festival of Fantastic Films

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Just wanted to make you all aware of the Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester later this year. It is by far one of the greatest film festival for all things horror, scifi, fantasy and the fantastic. Do yourselves a huge favour and please give them your support! You will not regret it, and lets encourage this festival to continue beyond its current 27th year.
For collectors of rare videos, the opportunity to pick up some pre-certs either from stalls from sellers or grab a bargain at the auction and while your at it, get your tapes signed by some of the greats.
Over the years, i’ve met the likes of Deodato, Lenzi, Morgan, Naschy, Hess, Harryhausen, Barbara Bouchet, Caroline Munro, Madeline Smith, Me Me Lai and Laurence R Harvey to name a few. This year, Jörg Buttgereit will be in attendance.
What are you waiting for?
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Stephen Rumbelow – RIP

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I am saddened by the news of Stephen Rumbelow’s passing. I had the pleasure of corresponding with Stephen whilst supporting and promoting his Zombie masterpiece, Autumn. Stephen was a gentleman, and a true industry professional with almost 200 productions under his belt. A very talented writer, director and producer across film, TV and Theatre. A great loss to the industry and to humanity. My thoughts are with his close friends and family. RIP Stephen.

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Raimi is back – New Chevy Mailbu and Cruze promo

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The Unkindness of Ravens – Update

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The Unkindness of Ravens Set to Take Flight After Meeting Kickstarter Goal

The crowdfunding campaign for Scottish horror The Unkindness of Ravens has reached its funding goal, making it the most-funded UK horror film ever on Kickstarter!

Over 550 backers have pledged, taking the ongoing campaign past its original £40,000 target. The team have now announced a stretch goal of £45,000, which would see all backers receiving the ‘Raven Arcana’ Digital Book, filled with short stories, tales from the set, raven mythologies and tons of photos and illustrations.

Backers flocked to the project’s beautifully-designed rewards such as the Collector’s Edition 3-Disc Set and the awesome, limited edition Owlman action figure (the Owlman being the breakout star of the team’s last movie Lord of Tears).

Lawrie Brewster’s campaign also received significant Kickstarter pledges from film companies around the world, including US companies 3rd Monkey Productions and Lights Out Productions, UK distributor 88 Films and Scottish production company Zoghogg Studios, as well as filmmaker Shoogly Peg!

RAVENS ARCANAWith an expected release date of July 2016, the funds raised will now go towards the film’s soundtrack, effects, mix, and marketing, ensuring that this ambitious indie has the best chance of being seen by the widest audience possible.

Director Lawrie Brewster is delighted at the success of the campaign, ‘The significance of our campaign cannot be understated. It reflects the enormous hunger out there for new, original ideas in the genre and proves that grassroots funding can now enable us to tell the stories that the mainstream would never touch.

We will use these funds not only to produce films but to distribute them in a manner that will see us build a sustainable model, focussed on producing high concept films and delivering them in unique physical media. Production companies can now sustain themselves with a direct and personal relationship with the people that count most, their audiences.’

The film certainly promises to be something different to the norm, with its brooding Scottish landscapes, unsettling, pagan vibe and brutal violence. A claustrophobic and intense tale of one man’s battle for survival in the remote highlands of Scotland, the film has echoes of The Wicker Man and Kill List with the central plot about a troubled veteran calling to mind films like Jacob’s Ladder and Apocalypse Now.

Our film aims to be the most emotionally intense and disturbing pyschological horror of the year, with its unflinching portrayal of the true cost of war and the internal scars carried by our veterans. This film pays tribute to the courage that those who suffer from PTSD face in managing their condition. We do this in a narrative that pits such a soldier against an evil so terrifying and uncanny that no one will expect our hero to stand a chance. The Ravens are coming…”

The project garnered some serious praise along the way from industry figures like legendary horror director Tom Holland (Fright Night, Child’s Play), and Alec Gillis, co-founder of Oscar-winning creature effects company ADI, and by the looks of things, we’ll be hearing lots more about the film very soon!

But, the campaign’s not over yet! With two days still to go, Lawrie Brewster hopes to reach the new £45,000 stretch goal! So, get pledging while you still can!


STILLS FROM THE FILM: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3al79u91he5b8eh/Shots%20from%20the%20Film.zip?dl=0

GIFS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1r9upqsvaj2x6tr/Ravens%20Gifs.zip?dl=0 

PHOTOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tgfsjh8up6cu060/Stills.zip?dl=0 

POSTERS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wuixca6dri7g98n/The%20Unkindness%20of%20Ravens%20-%203%20POSTERS.zip?dl=0

PRESS KIT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yomyy56v53wz2dg/The-Unkindness-of-Ravens-Press-Kit.doc?dl=0


KICKSTARTER: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lawriebrewster/the-unkindness-of-ravens-feature-film-epic-horror

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdJCbjV9Zk0

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheUnkindnessofRavensMovie

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ravensarecoming

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