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Suspiria teaser with original Goblin score

by on Jun.11, 2018, under Other Musings

There is so much hype and controversy around the remake of Argento’s Suspiria. Is it sacrilegious? Personally, for me, it is a different version of the film and takes nothing away from the original and i’m really looking forward to what Guadagnino can do with this tale.

A few days ago, we were treated to the first glimpse of feature when the teaser trailer dropped. But what of the Gobiln score that we have all been waiting for? Well, it appears one fan (smarttowel1) just couldn’t wait any longer and blessed the piece with a wash of original Goblin goodness and boy, does it look awesome.

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Suspiria – reboot promo

by on May.08, 2018, under Other Musings

Whatever your thoughts are on the controversial reboot of Argento’s inspiring classic, this thing has legs and is happening. Like it or not, it will soon be here. My own opinion is that this will not erase, reduce, replace or in any way deter from the original. The cast is pretty solid with Chloë Grace MoretzDakota JohnsonTilda SwintonMia Goth and of cause, the return of Jessica HarperLuca Guadagnino is in the hot seat directing and with his previous track record i can’t really see this being anything but brilliant.

I am really looking forward this this.

The Truth Hides Behind The Walls

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The Wicked Gift – Roberto D’Antona

by on Sep.28, 2017, under Other Musings

Roberto D’Antona is a fresh Italian director who’s intention is to bring the greatness of legacy Italian horror back to the screen through his vision, inspired by the greats, but also a host of world cinema horror legends too. Early influence comes from Sam Raimi and Carpenter, but D’Antona also recognises Eggers, Wan and Whannell as peers of influence.

The Wicked Gift is a phycological horror, ghost story combo. What’s in the mind? What is real? Nightmares, hauntings and a rollercoaster into the darkness of a very sinister past. Ethan suffers with insomnia and a long history of nightmares. With support from his friend, he visits a medium, who opens the doorway to his own haunted mind and the awareness to a horror deep inside.

This is exactly the kind of thing we love here at 365. Modern Italian with a homage to whats come before, but also inspired by international current productions. This sounds great.

Check out the facebook page for more details and keep your eye out for cinema screenings from early December.

Cinematography looks beautiful by Stefano Pollastro, whilst the score is supplied by Aurora Rochez. Both complimenting D’Antona’s Direction. Produced by Alessandro Rossi, Annamaria Lorusso and D’Antona and featuring a cast from the indie international circuits, Alice Viganò, David White, Mirko D’Antona, Andrea Milan and Michael Segal.

We’ll be reporting more on this talent, but for now, check out the trailer:-

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George A. Romero – RIP

by on Jul.16, 2017, under Other Musings

We have lost another legend. The world will never be the same without him. RIP George!


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Dead Bride promo

by on Sep.02, 2016, under Other Musings

DEAD BRIDE, is the new psychological horror, from the talented Francesco Picone (Anger of the Dead), and produced by Metrovideo, which is rich in classic elements of the genre with a plot full of twists and suspense, which should leave the viewer suitably terrified. This looks awesome.

dead bride - posterHere’s the blurb:-

After her father’s death, Alyson, her partner Richard and their baby return to her childhood home.

Following a few shocking supernatural events, Alyson discovers that she and her family have been living with a terrible curse, unleashed in the past by a bride killed by Alyson’s grandfather.

Soon after Alyson’s child disappears and she has no choice but to embark on a frightening journey into the underworld, to free herself from the bride’s curse and to look for her daughter.


The film is currently in post production but we hope to see something very soon. For more info, follow the film at Facebook.

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Lion – Trailer

by on Sep.02, 2016, under Other Musings

No soon as I report on Davide Meilin’s new short Lion, then I discover the trailer is live! Check this beast out!

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