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The Long Night of Victor Kowalsky

by on Apr.26, 2013, under Other Musings

Based on the short novel by Claudio Fallani, The Long Night of Victor Kowalsky is a tale of a sleepless night which results in nightmares, strange visitors and a TLNOVKtrip 
to hell, but there is a little more to The Long Night of Victor Kowalsky as not only will the final result be experienced on celluloid but also in graphic novel form. An ambitious project co-produced by Essi Girano and Electric Sheep Comics. With an adapted script by Stefano and Elena Poggioni, Stefano will as Direct.  Cristiano Burgio takes the lead role as Victor.

Here at 365horror, we love cool projects. I’ll be looking forward to this one and will be posting more about this soon.


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Scream Queen – Lianne Spiderbaby

by on Apr.19, 2013, under Other Musings

Lianne Spiderbaby is a leading authority on the horror genre, writer for Fangoria, Cineplex, Famous Monsters, FearNet, Film Journal International and Video Watchdog magazine. Her new book, lianne-spiderbabyGrindhouse Girls: Cinema’s Hardest Working Women, an in-depth look at the infamous exploitation actresses of the 1970s and 80s will be available from St. Martin’s Press, soon.

She’s the host of Fright Bytes and also holds an honors degree in Film Studies, University of Toronto. This is why, she in honoured by 365Horror as Scream Queen.

For more info, check out the latest issue of Scream Sirens, which has Spiderbaby on the cover and a full feature inside. Issue #4 is released 19th April. Her website can be found here.



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I Spit on Your Podcast

by on Apr.15, 2013, under Other Musings

OK, so after the recent ‘Darkness Into Light‘ podcast in which i discuss the new Evil Dead, i took a look at what else is out there to compliment Chris Brown’s stunning Video Nasties weekly Podcast.

What i found was ‘I Spit on Your Podcast.’ An exciting project which compares original horror with their contemporary remakes. Its on its second episode, discussing Mother’s Day, Last House and I Spit on Your Grave. I Spit on Your Podcast is hosted by Dan Testa and Pam Quinn. Show them some love!


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Darkness Into Light – Podcast

by on Apr.14, 2013, under Other Musings

Take a listen to the first Podcast from ‘Darkness Into Light’ which I am proud to have been invited onto this week by my good friend, DW Mault, and hear my rambling thoughts on the new Fede Alvarez Evil Dead outing.

Here’s the info:-

The first Darkness Into Light Film Podcast is now live. Hosted by director and cineaste DW Mault, the podcast features different special guests each week with a focus on World Cinema, Film Festivals and a roundup of cinematic news.

This week Darkness Into Light looks at Post Tenebras Lux, Place Beyond The Pines, Evil Dead and Spring Breakers with guests Geoff Woodbridge and Matthew Fox. Listen below, take a look at the main site here and the Facebook page here. You can also subscribe to this and future podcasts from Darkness into light via  iTunes.

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Bleeding Through

by on Apr.13, 2013, under Other Musings

This looks pretty interesting. I’ll be looking forward to seeing a little more. Check out the facebook page here.
bleeding through
I’m sold on the poster alone, but here’s the Press blurb:-

Bleeding Through is the latest horror film written and directed by Henrique Couto (Faces of Schlock, Marty Jenkins and the Vampire Bitches) starring Sandy Behre and Ruby LaRocca

An intense almost voyeuristic psychological horror film about bullying, mental instability, and suicide.

Lindsey loses her parents, her boyfriend, and her home. While trying to put the pieces back together she is betrayed, that betrayal pushes her over the edge and she ends her own life.

After slitting her wrists she simply wakes up from death, blood everywhere, and begins to get her violent revenge.

All the lies and all the pain will be… Bleeding Through.

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Jesús Franco – 1930-1913

by on Apr.02, 2013, under Other Musings

Today we lost a legend. A director, cinematographer, actor, producer, writer, musician and visionary force of euro cinema whose career has spanned seven decades. With too many films to mention in this small tribute, for me, Franco’s finest moments can be seen in Faceless, Women Behind Bars, Devil Hunter, Zombie Lake, Christina, Bloody Moon and then there was Les Demons. One of my favourite of his works was his unfinished Don Quixote (1955) which Orson francoWelles struggled with throughout his life, a project which fell into Franco’s hands as the only real candidate to complete the piece; it was a film which could have been a masterpiece.

Franco is renown as a pornographer a peddler of risqué skin films but his work stands out as much more than this. He captured character, life, emotion and heart though experimental film making away from the production houses, away from the constraints allowing full artistic control of the film to be held with the director.  Working with great actors such a Klaus Kinski, Howard Vernon, Christopher Lee, and his beautiful muse Lina Romay in all genres of film, war, horror, crime, historical drama, nunsploitation, exorcism, you name it, Franco filmed it.

Franco had been working on what is now to become his final offering, Al Pereira vs the Alligator Women, a film i’ll be looking forward to watching, that said, the IMDB lists 199 titles to his name to keep me occupied.


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Spidarlings (2013) Teaser Trailer

by on Apr.01, 2013, under Other Musings

Official trailer for upcoming LGBT Horror Musical Spidarlings (2013). Starring Sophia Disgrace, Rahel Kapsaski, Gypsy Lee Pistolero, Lloyd Kaufman, Toshio Maeda, Tiffaney Wells, Lynn Ruth Miller, Bloody F Mess and Rusty Goffe.
Directed by Salem Kapsaski. Music by Jeff Kristian.
Spider in Love by Two Russian Cowboys feat Cleo.

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Truth or Dare

by on Apr.01, 2013, under Other Musings

Six college kids find internet stardom when they make “Truth or Dare” videos with a violent twist. It’s all fun and games until their #1 fan decides to play…

This is the directorial debut from the multi-talented Scream Queen Jessica Cameron who also produces, stars in and co-wrote with writer Jonathan Higgins. Check out the fund raising page here to contribute and be a part of this little gem of a film which is gonna knock the socks of the horror industry. Due to it’s ToDindependent production nature, the aim is to make a film without the constraints which usually come with the funding from the major production houses. “Truth or Dare” is a gritty and terrifying new horror film that is guaranteed to shock and make audiences gasp. They are not making a horror film for accountants; They are making it for horror fans.

This sounds great to me. Cast includes Devanny Pinn (Black Dahlia Haunting), Heather Dorff (What they Say), Brandon Van Vliet (In Harm’s Way), Ryan Kiser (Lie), Marv Blauvelt (Psycho Street) and Jared Degado (A Christmas Scream). Take a look at the teaser below and take this opportunity to part of something new and exciting.



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