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Deliver me to Hell – Real Zombies Attack

by on Feb.23, 2013, under Other Musings

I just love this and it works so well! An interactive movie where you the view make the choices for characters: Genius.

Your mission starts here!

OBJECTIVE: Help Steve get across the city to deliver his pizza without being KILLED by the zombies.

Writer, Director & Editor LOGAN McMILLAN

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Axed – Zombie Short

by on Feb.23, 2013, under Other Musings

Well look at this… another Zombie short, this time from Brisbane and Maleny Australia, written, directed and produced by Joshua Long. They are after support to make a feature so give it a look and lets get the social virus airborne.

Bruce must survive an airborne virus turning everyone into maniacs and an army militia hell bent on genocide. His only friend is his AXE… Then the dead start to rise.

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Death Springs

by on Feb.23, 2013, under Other Musings

Must be something in the water today. First i get a look at 2 Hours, the independent Zombie Short but next up, Death Springs: a beautifully illustrated online graphic comic which explores the WildWest vs Zombie scenario. Check it out and give it some support.

Brady Sullivan is the writer and co-creator of Death Springs. ‘It’s an homage to a great cover to an old Western ongoing called “Cowboy Action” published by Atlas Comics (yep, a little company that got re-named Marvel Comics) with a zombie twist. Hmm…maybe I should have just named this comic “Cowboy Zombie Action.’












Death Springs is an absolutely free webcomic, updated with a new page every Thursday.



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2 Hours – Zombie Short

by on Feb.23, 2013, under Other Musings

Here at 365horror i like nothing better than supporting independent film making. 2 Hours is a short zombie fest created by Michael Ballif. Read his statement below and give the film a view, you won’t regret it. Then tell your friends and lets help this guy get some publicity.

A nameless survivor is bitten and infected with the virus, a beautiful gift to the world. With only 2 HOURS to find the missing survivors, he must move quickly before the virus spreads too far.

This no-budget short film was shot entirely on a single Canon T2i with only two lenses and a skeleton crew of just three people. The film was made over the course of about two years.

Winner – Best Short Film – Macabre Faire Film Festival 2013 (NY)
Winner – Best Sound – Macabre Faire Film Festival 2013 (NY)


Best Screenplay – Macabre Faire Film Festival 2013 (NY)
Best Musical Score – Macabre Faire Film Festival 2013 (NY)
Best Cinematography – Macabre Faire Film Festival 2013 (NY)
Best Editing – Macabre Faire Film Festival 2013 (NY)
Best Musical Score – Salty Horror Film Festival (UT)

Official Selection – Macabre Faire Film Festival 2013 (NY)
Official Selection – The Indie Horror Film Festival (IL)
Official Selection – Short Sweet Film Fest (OH)
Official Selection – Sci-Fi on the Rock Film Festival (Canada)
Official Selection – Salty Horror Film Festival (UT)
Official Selection – Logan Film Festival (UT)
Official Selection – Bane Bones International Film & Music Festival (OK)
Official Selection – Capital City Film Festival (MI)

‘After two years of hard work, I have finally completed production on my no-budget, independent horror short film called 2 HOURS, and wanted to share it with you. You can see the film in its entirety here:

The entire film was shot on a cheap Canon T2i DSLR, which retails for around $500. The circumstances for the creation of 2 HOURS were as indie as it gets, with just a tiny skeleton crew of two other people helping me with this project.

I have poured my heart and soul into the making of this film, and have been doing everything in my power to promote the film in efforts to get it seen by the right people. I am coming to you because I have been working day and night to find the audience I believe is just waiting to find this film.

If you like what you see, I would truly appreciate anything you may be willing to do to help me spread the word about it.’



Director: Michael Ballif
Writer: Josh Merrill
Producers: Michael Ballif & Josh Merrill
Executive Producer: Zach Wall
Starring: Josh Merrill & Brooke Hemsath
Production Designer: Allen Bradford
Original Score: Keaton Anderson
Editor/VFX: Michael Ballif
Special Make-Up FX: Allen Bradford & Brian Nuzman
Sound: Josh Merrill

Please contact 2HOURSthemovie@gmail.com for additional information.

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P5YCHMovie – Trailer

by on Feb.23, 2013, under Other Musings

This project sounds really cool. Give it a look and give it your support!

It’s 1984. The five survivors, whose experiences inspired the five scariest movies of all time, are undergoing experimental treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. It went horribly wrong.



You think you know their stories.

You think you know what happened.

The movies got it all wrong.

The truth is much more terrifying.


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