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It was my intention to include this into the project due to the mass appeal and social impact which this one has had, the up rise and celebration of the vampire in popular culture has been immense, due to and single handedly by Twilight. First the novels by Stephenie Meyer, now the films, spilling over all over the place and allowing other such forms to take shape in the field, most successfully, they enormous transformation of Charlaine Harris’ True Blood, one of the greatest TV series. But Twilight had its foot in the door first, so how was it?

The film tells the tale of Bella Swan (Kirsten Stewart) who moves across the States to live with her father, becoming the new girl in school, she soon makes some friends, but catches the eye of an unusual group of teens (although, that said, they all look way too old to be in school) who look especially clean and pale in complexion. Edward (Robert Pattinson), one of the pale teens becomes a bit obsessed, as he can’t resist her scent, but when he dives in from of a speeding van to save her from almost certain death, she realises there is something a little special going on.

The film is a teen romance between species and also bridges the gap found with cool kids and geeks although struggles to truly address this fully. The overall acceptance of super-beings is embraced all too easily and the romance flourishes super quick with far too many arguments surrounding ‘keep away from me as I’m bad news’, although always a little unconvincing.

The plot never really seems to get off the ground either, with the introduction of some bad killer vamps living over the hill, thrown in for good measure and a bit of a fight at the end. Pattinson and Stewart are pretty good young actors and carry the film through their magnetism, helped by the perfect eye of director Catherine Hardwicke who shoots a beautiful film with a nice independent feel actually, something I really wasn’t expecting. Where we are let down is the plot and the weakness of character in some places. Edward is just a bit wet at times and relies too much of a stern glance to warn people off, rather than showing any real inner strength. You could say it’s ‘cause he’s a teen, but his vampire ages is much older so we find out.

One further criticism would be the length of this thing. It’s close on 2 hours with very little actually happening. Shame really. The opening 20 minutes is great, really enjoyable fun, moody, light and refreshing and full of energy, passion and cool things.

I knew this was gonna be a bit of a girls film prior to my viewing and I’ll stand by that. I can understand the appeal and I’m sure many girls bedroom walls are adorned with Rob Pattinson. So on that level, great, I’m more than happy for them to continue knocking one of these out every year, but for the overall impact the film has made on the Vampire genre, the levels are immeasurable.  

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