Hellraiser Bloodline

by on Oct.06, 2010, under Daily Review

Taking us back to the origins of the box and dabbling with demonology, this is an interesting inclusion into the franchise.

17th century France is where we kick off. A devil worshiping aristocrat performs a crazy ritual on a peasant girl which results in a possessed cenobite origin kinda thing: Angelique. Alongside this, a clock maker, scientist creates a puzzle box which somehow ends up caught up in all the crazy devil stuff and therefore becomes the gateway. Modern day, a descendant of the scientist (Bruce Ramsay) is working on a big fancy building, very 80’s and ultimately, one big giant lament configuration. Soon pinhead is back asking for the building to open up for all to play, steals his child too. Then we have the future, The descendant has learned and knows about the cenobites and therefore pans this super space station which will work as a trap for the leather clad devils.

It’s a bit confused, but works on a basic level. The idea is fun and gives a lot more back to the original plot rather than just playing out as another rehash. Make up artist, Kevin Yagher directed this, but actually took his name off it, I’m surprised, it’s not that bad, but even more surprisingly, it’s the effects that let this one down, real cheep and shoddy.

The scrip is bad too, real bad in fact. A quick rewrite, some more cash, a slightly better cast and a good director and this could have been quite a good film. It’s not bad, just fails slightly, but never the less, I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. Angelique (Valentina Vargas) is a great character and a very good performance too. Probably the highlight of the film. Look out for the crappy cenobite dog though, one of the worst effects ever.

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  • wanye

    I hated this film. Personally, i think that a film franchise has jumped the shark when they set the film in space (see jason X as another example). made me avoid the follow on films for several years, but i’m glad i bothered with the rest of them. they all seem to take the cenobite mythology and play with it in interesting ways, whereas this film just tries to cash in on the success of the previous movies…

  • Geoff

    Thanks Wanye. Deader is probably my fave of the series right now. It’s been playing over in my mind since watching. I’ll give it another spin. Bloodline is kinda the weakest, although i’d actually rate it over Hell on Earth.

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