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Trouble Every Day

by on Oct.12, 2010, under Daily Review

This is probably one of the most realistic and accurate documentation of how a real vampire could be possible and I love it. It’s one of the most shocking gruesome lovely beautiful heartfelt films you are ever likely to see.

Shane (Vincent Gallo) and his Wife June (Tricia Vessey) are in Paris on their honeymoon but it’s not all love and roses, she soon discovers there’s something deep inside Shane which haunts him. Meanwhile, Coré (Beatrice Dalle) is an old friend of Shane’s, both with a history and a common connection, a medical trial focusing on libido. While Shane tries to control his, Coré has a vast animalistic appetite. Both know what’s inside them and both want to change. Coré mentions in one scene that she has had enough and is ready to end it, whilst Shane hides his emotion and problem behind his exterior a marriage to take his mind off things.

The film is primarily about desire, obsession and addiction. It’s bleak and dark and grips the viewer, visually and mentally. Gallo’s performance, here as always is electric and enigmatic. He can play the emotional vault like no-one else, and when he snaps… bam! What a climax! Dalle is the perfect actress to star alongside Gallo here. He has a super special magnetic charm which just embraces the whole screen, you just cannot look away, even when she is physically eating her prey, one of the best scenes I have ever had the pleasure. Vicious and brutally realistic but oozing erotica. I’d like to point out, there are no special effects, no fangs, no prosthetic limbs, just a gallon of blood which looks great when draped over Dalle, even dried around her lips.

Don’t expect a glossy film here, or something light and entertaining. This is dark and grim. About as dark as you can take it. Perfect. Well paced, smooth and slow, subtle quiet score and very little dialogue. This film is an experience to be had, one of my favourite and always not too far from my thoughts.

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