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Hellraiser Inferno

by on Oct.07, 2010, under Daily Review

Sometimes, it’s good to cut all ties with ones past, get back to basics and re-imagine a basic plot. Take the essential and start fresh. That’s what we have here.

Craig Sheffer plays a private detective, he’s one of the good guys who works hard and plays rough. A family man, although one with vices. During a night with a street walker he falls into new world, one of delusion, desire and puzzle boxes. The night is one crazy dream, although waking up next morning he finds a dead hooker and a child’s finger.

From this point, we get a murder mystery, Sam Spade style with **** tracking the box, its owner, the engineer until eventually he finds what he’s been looking for all along. The film is one of desire and obsession and loss. People tied up in their day job, lost to their family life.

Scott Derrickson does a great job here at rebuilding a basic idea from the first film and turning it pure LA. It’s not got much of a budget, but what it has it uses. Cenobites are great, in my opinion, better than the other films. A stunning idea pushing more on the sexual satisfaction gained through Cenobites, rather than these demons just turning up to take you off to hell. Pinhead is present here, but for me, doesn’t really seem to fit the look and style of this one. Also, let me add, even though the film focus’ on vice, there are no obligatory obvious bimbos.

Script is pretty good, very pulp. Acting is pretty good too. Hats off to Scott Derrickson for pulling this out of the bag really, as to follow up after the last outing and actually come up with a damn good solid film, some achievement. I’d actually go as far as Derrickson actually taking the principles of Cenobite and making them his own, whilst Barker, Atkins and Randal disown. Strong words, I know, but damn good bloody enjoyable celluloid.

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