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Hellraiser III : Hell on Earth

by on Oct.05, 2010, under Daily Review

The difficult 3rd movie. Many have tried, many have failed. They all fail actually, apart from Alien 3, which, I actually rate higher than the first 2, and of cause, let’s not mention part 4.. Any others?

So how was this 3rd in the series?

The film is set in the USA. A crazy rock club, owned by a swine, womanizer, fiend and art collector, JP ( Kevin Bernhardt) . When he finds the ultimate piece of art, a statue comprising of twisted bodies squished together, it’s more than meets they eye. We also have Joey the journo (Terry Farrell) teaming up with the emo Terri (Paula Marshall) investigating the history of Pinhead, who he is, why he is and what he needs with the hope of getting closer to her own father who haunts her dream, left for dead in ‘nam. It’s not long before Pinhead springs from the statue and begins his quest to turn everyone into cenobites.

It’s a bit ‘lost’ this film. It’s focus seems confused and original plot stretched to the limit which is a bit far for my liking. The whole statue idea is poor and could have benefited from focusing back on the puzzlebox. The scenes with the box are the best in the film. The Pinhead back story us also good, although I’m not sure how much we actually should have found out as sometimes it’s better to know a little and await in anticipation for some small clues. The film has it’s moments, looks quite nice in parts and has actually keeps the viewer watching, which is an achievement considering. Sharon Percival, Farrell and Bernhardt all make the most of this film and add a little to keep it captivating. Also, worth mentioning, the Argento gels are also present, and also one scene has al the mannequins from Crystal plumage, lit the same too.

The cast are mostly poor too, even Doug Bradley seems to lose some credit here; the scene with him chatting, half in the statue is embarrassing. That ‘spitting the bullets out bit’ is just cringeworthy.

This one really should have sealed the fate of the Hellraiser series, but it wasn’t to be. Part 4 tomorrow.

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