Snuff (American Cannibale)

by on Sep.05, 2010, under Daily Review

Ya know, sometimes you just get a preconception, an idea of how a films gonna be and what you think you can expect. I’ve had such an experience here with Snuff. I’ve had this in my collection for as far back as I can remember, never seen it. Always thought it was gonna be real bad. Not gory bad, just cheap and bad. Today, I got quite a surprise.

The film focus’ on a Manson type sect, a ‘family’ of beautiful girls whose master, S’tan persuades to indulge I’m his every whim, even murder. The girls are more than happy to accommodate and mostly target rich business men and politicians. Meanwhile, there’s another plot going on involving a beautiful young across tied to a mean manager and in love with an arms traders son.

The film is great. It’s kinda like Russ Meyer meets Jess Franco. It’s full of intrigue and subtle back stories for some characters which give quite a bit of depth to the whole thing. Some of the acting is poor, but overall, it’s pretty good all-round. Simple direction with some good snappy editing.

So it’s pretty good? Mostly, but there are some problems. Some scenes make no sense at all. Maybe lost in context through a re-edit at the later date when the ridiculous new ending was added as a means to gain a rebranding and some notoriety with the rumor that all the cast were really killed and never seen again. Stupid. How could anyone believe this?

The violence is quite harsh in places but I wouldn’t go as far as unacceptable. A torture scene early on is quite nasty with some of the girls cutting between the toes of one of their family who’d used more than her share of their drugs. A little extreme one might think. The added murder at the end is quite nasty too but by this point I was left a bit annoyed as I was still with the other characters from the rest of the film, not this crazy tagged on thing at the end, and couldn’t care less.

This film has surprised me. It’s easy and enjoyable to watch, fun and exciting at times too.


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