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This is something else. It’s quite unlike anything you could ever expect to watch and to begin to describe the plot is slightly outside the realms of possibility here. Argento takes us to a place that very few directors manage to take us, a vision of his own mind, a plot within his thoughts, brought to the screen through determination and a very supportive producer. The result is a glorious visual event which will stimulate the mind as well as they eye.

The plot follows on from Suspiria, the tale of the Three Mothers (Mother of Sorrow, Tears and Darkness), the world leaders of Witches Covens, who rule from mansions in three prime spots, New York, Rome and Freiburg. Here, we witness the events between Rome and New York as Sister and Brother stumble upon the dark secret which is covered up by death to anyone who dares involvement.

The films looks amazing, probably Argento’s greatest achievement. Stunning colour, grand set pieces which collect to an amazing film. It’s unlike anything else due to it’s fantastical plot, which allows characters to discover secret rooms and underground flooded basements, corpses floating too, but characters who will take a dip in such secret places for the chance to discover something special. Old mythical books telling the secret of the house, the witches coven and facing the danger of being discovered. It’s all here, a collection of imaginative set sequences which make up the complete film. Everyone who gets an idea of what is going on is soon murdered in some crazy way, be it by demon of butchers knife, rats or cats.

One of my favourite scenes is in the lecture hall in Rome. A glorious scene with who I can only gather is one of the Mothers with a furry cat, casting a spell on Mark (Leigh McCloskey) in order to confuse his mind, prevent him reading a letter of warning about his sisters discovery in New York. The camerawork, score and visuals here are outstanding, this on top of the plot which is so cool, you just can’t take your eyes off the screen.

Argento’s most outrageous film and my favourite of all.


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  • Helen

    Wow what a film!!! Some great ‘scare’ moments too – the floating corpe in particular (even tho i knew it was coming!!! impressive lol) I could write & write about this one. Also contains what has to be one of the best movie lines ever……”i’m being eaten by rats!!!” I think these film include the most amazing use of ‘scary doors’ that i’ve ever seen!
    As you can probably tell i really enjoyed it!!

  • Geoff

    Really glad you enjoyed this one. There is nothing else quite like Inferno, such a stunning film with such a crazy plot and beautiful visuals. But is this Argento’s finest moment?

  • Helen

    Hi Geoff! I’m slowly working through Argento’s film so i’ll have to reserve judgement till i’ve seen a few more 🙂 It’s certianly up there at the moment!

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