Deep Red (Profondo Rosso)

by on Sep.28, 2010, under Daily Review

Another glorious film from Argento and one which really doesn’t disappoint. I was wary to come back to this one but it’s perfect and probably Argento’s closest character based films with real heart and charm, splendid creative direction and cinematography although not going over the top with gels Bava style, here we have a more focused classic tale of crime.

David Hemmings plays a Marcus, a jazz musician who after a night of rehearsals, strolls home through the empty Italian city streets, and witnesses a murder taking place beyond a window up above (Haven’t we heard this plot before somewhere?) A psychic, who earlier on in the evening, read the mind of a killer in the audience of a seminar, the murder left sharpish, only to return to the psychics home later on, to remove any evidence. A brutal murder which ends up at the window, witnessed by Marcus. He races up to the apartment  but it’s too late. Afterwards, he’s questioned by the police, but something is not quite right in the apartment. Something has changed, something has moved. But what has Marcus got himself caught up in? Daria Nicolodi encourages an investigation in her role as a photojournalist.

The film is beautiful, great pace and electric performances from Nicolodi and Hemmings. The pair show great character, comedy and serious but always solid and realistic. Argento just points the camera and lets the pair go, they are mesmerizing and perfect here. The plot twists and turns to uncover some crazy stuff and a bleak past. The whole thing is wrapped together with a stunning soundtrack care of Goblin.

It’s interesting to compare thjis one to Crystal Plumage, but also Argento’s repeated use of windows for murder scenes, here, Crystal and Inferno so far all have very graphic murders based around windows. Interesting. Lets see how many more we find this week.

The film is perfect and one of Argento’s most coherent of films, focusing on the dynamic main actors which allows Argento to make some subtle tricks with the camera. The gore is good too.

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  • Helen

    Hello again Geoff – yes another Dario film! :-)Wasn’t sure what to expect from his earlier ‘Giallo’ films as i associate him with the weird & wonderful suspiria. Was really impressed with this though, i really liked the whole story, characters & to my surprise the strong vein of humour that runs through it! Glad to see there were still some good scare moments. A really intelligent film.

  • Geoff

    Hi again. Glad you enjoyed this one. For me, this is from Dario’s most grounded, consistent period. A very well rounded plot with a great ending. Keeps you thinking all the way too. Daria and David have real chemistry on film too which really helps the audience. Very witty at times:) Amazing score too!

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