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Don’t Look in the Basement

by on Sep.10, 2010, under Daily Review

A crazy asylum allows the patients to run wild, acting out their wildest fantasies from their tortured minds. When a new nurse arrives, she’s confused by the state of control, but when the inmates start being murdered, she begins to question her own sanity.

This is a terrifying film. It’s harsh and nasty with a whole host of extreme characters whose actions are taken to the limit. Rosie Holotik takes the lead role as Nurse Charlotte and does an amazing job. The plot is thick and tense and must have been a shocking role to hold up whilst working in this environment. The inmates are all monsters from all walks of life. A crazy old woman, a huge big guy with the mind of a child, a wide eyed all seeing old bloke and a young nymphomaniac amongst others who all babble and cackle in order to drive Nurse Charlotte to the brink.

It looks cheap and shoddy, but this only adds to its horror. The film gets into your mind, your thoughts and tortures the viewer. I really couldn’t wait to hit the off switch, not that I wasn’t enjoying the film, but that I felt claustrophobic with the madness. Then there is that ending. Hells bells, this has some ending.

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